Designing Real Estate for Life in the Metro

Soon to Rise - OneSierra Condominium - Designed for Life in the Metro

Do you spend your life in the metro? I do. And I intend to do for as long as I live. While others dream of living and spending life in the provinces, I prefer to be just visiting and having a vacation.

And I’m not alone. My cousin feels the same. Although there are opportunities to own a piece of real estate in nearby areas such as Laguna or Cavite, we’re not interested. We want a real estate for our life in the metro.

OneSierra entrance
OneSierra Condominium entrance

And we believe we’re not alone. There’s a growing number of Filipino homebuyers with a keen-eye and are ready to invest in real estate that fits their lifestyle. And we look for future-ready living spaces. Aside from comfort and style, part of the consideration in looking for a place to call home includes efficiency, sustainability, and flexibility.

And now, after spending most of the time at home, the value of integrating the most important everyday activities within our residences is of key importance. The pandemic made some changes with our life in the metro.

Designed for life in the metro - OneSierra Condominium
OneSierra will soon rise along EDSA in Mandaluyong

PIK, the largest homebuilder in Russia and Europe, and the expert developer behind One Sierra, shared some of the elements they put into their maiden real estate project in the Philippines. The goal is to meet the current lifestyle needs of Filipinos looking to get a taste of European living in the metro. And I’m paying attention.

Efficiency Being Key to Working From Home

One Sierra has flexible units perfect for Filipinos looking to fully integrate their work-life synergy, in generous studio, 1-BR, and 2-BR cuts. With their unique Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) unites, One Sierra provides stylish and modern hybrid spaces that uniquely cater to the growing need for work-life balance. The spaces are ideal for both individuals and small families.

OneSierra Small Office
OneSierra Small Office design concept

I personally welcome this key element in their design. Having worked from home for several years now, I had to create a space inside my bedroom. I want a separate space where I can just do all work and be in the zone. I appreciate the effort they’ve put in because that means they are truly aware of the changes in the workplace.

“European living is all about the  balance of efficiency, beauty, and ease of living. The careful thought we put into every detail of One Sierra is something that will add to an effortless living experience, and is in keeping with the high quality and modern lifestyle we provide all our homeowners,” said PIK Marketing Director for International Projects Elena Petropavlovskaya.

A Lamudi trend report showed that fitness amenities and security features were the top two things homebuyers looked for in the second half of 2020. Fortunately, One Sierra incorporates these with a private amenity floor with an inviting reception area that includes a refreshing swimming pool and deck area, as well as a multifunction gym and wellness area. Having these facilities allows residents to integrate their workout routines at any time of the day without having to leave the premises.

One Sierra swimming pool
Swimming pool for fitness and relaxation

Also unique to One Sierra is automated parking. A secure, high-tech system takes care of vehicles with a simple push of a button so residents don’t spend any time looking for their designated parking spot. The building’s occupancy sensor lighting in common areas and exclusive keycard elevator access also add to the excellent security features Filipinos look for in condominiums. As a plus, the commercial units on the ground level provide added convenience and access to various daily essentials.

Thoughtful Designs as Sustainable Solutions

“Having all these conveniences within reach of One Sierra was integral to our goals of providing effortless living to Filipinos,” said PIK Country Manager Mai Yang. “We worked with an international team of experts and designers to infuse European living standards to this project,” she added.

With London-based John McAslan + Partners as lead architect supported by local architect Aidea, Inc., One Sierra shows how environmental consciousness can be incorporated in fundamental design choices. “Our building is an oasis for all its residents above the noise and clamor of the locale,” shared lead architect Aidan Potter.

Each unit is equipped with sun-shading glass windows, water-efficient fixtures, and LED lights. Anyone looking to move into a more sustainable home will be happy to know that One Sierra also conserves water by using both water recycling and rainwater harvesting systems. Such efforts can only be heard being done in big developments. This implementation by PIK on One Sierra only means they are committed to sustainability.

OneSierra units has balconies for ventilation
Let the air in from the balcony

With the rising awareness on the value of proper ventilation and health, there is also a premium on generous living spaces and breathability. This is evident in One Sierra, as choice units have balconies for a good view of the Mandaluyong skyline and to help bring the outdoors in. Having floor-to-ceiling windows further maximizes natural daylight and ventilation for residents. “We’re offering wonderful views and light at all levels while creating a signature appearance that matches the worldwide reputation of PIK,” added Mr. Potter.

Increased Accessibility to Elevated Comforts

A simple, but often overlooked design feature is ease of access into building. One Sierra’s entrances are at ground level, making it accessible for all – including Persons with Disabilities or young mothers with strollers. Staying true to the PIK standard of beautiful, functional, and durable homes, the designers ensured both stylish and functional designs for One Sierra.

Buying habits of consumers have also shifted this past year, with digitization driving demand across all industries. PIK utilizes secure technologies that they have pioneered and developed in Russia. One outstanding innovation is in their online platforms – allowing customers to easily view and buy units wherever and whenever they please through a responsive and secure digital interface.

I actually had fun exploring their online platform for One Sierra. It allows interested condominium buyers to have a feel of the unit they are eyeing for. It brings you closer and lets you see yourself in the space. Visit to experience a unique way of exploring various units of the condominium development.

An artist's perspective of OneSierra in the eveningPIK aims to redefine the quality of life for its customers so life in the metro can be enjoyed. Through this project they are able to do just that. One Sierra shows their commitment and capacity to merge innovations and sustainability, creating the perfect balance between comfortable spaces and modern technologies in Filipino homes.

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