Of Cory Monteith, Addiction and Family

Cory MonteithI’m sure by now everyone knows the real cause of death of Glee star Cory Monteith. A mix of alcohol and heroin killed the 31-year old actor who was found dead inside his room at a hotel in Vancouver. Such a waste for a talented person at a time when he’s at the top of his game. Why did he continue taking these substance despite being aware of his addiction and even after recently going into the rehab?

Nobody can really tell. But as I read news about the development of Monteith’s case, I learned that he has been into drugs since his teenage years. I also read somewhere, a friend sharing that the actor was trying his best to stay away from drugs but just couldn’t.

His body was already cremated immediately after a private viewing at the hospital. News states that only his mother, brother and girlfriend, Glee co-star Lea Michele was there. I also read that his father, who apparently has been divorced with his mom, didn’t get a chance to even see Cory Monteith’s body.

Cory MonteithThe incident above will give us a glimpse of the real situation of Monteith’s family. From the looks of it, the Canadian-born actor and his dad was not in touch. We don’t know why, but for me, if you grew up to be with your father and then communication was lost, it causes a hollow in the kid’s heart that cannot be filled by anything, not even fame and fortune. I bet the divorce is also one of the cause why Monteith dropped out of school.

Family is an important factor in one’s personality. It affect a person’s emotion and maturity. My guess is Cory Monteith struggled with the memory of his family, and when he can’t contain the emotion, he’d turn to drugs and alcohol. The pain can really be uncontainable.

I grew up with a single parent. I’m just grateful that despite the circumstances, I was able to take in and turn things around in my life. But of course, I’m not without bruises. And even up to now, I still wondered why my father had to have another family. Now that I live alone, I always find myself visiting my auntie and cousin from time to time to have that sense of family. I long to having a family because with them I can be myself, share my sentiments and discuss life in general. Family

The death of Cory Monteith, his addiction and family situation is an eye opener of the importance of being with the people you love and care about. Family serves as an anchor when things are tumbling down, when the sailing is getting rough, and when you’re at the peak of the mountain.

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