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#StreameComeTrue Converge FREEDOM launchConverge FREEDOM streaming service was recently launched by leading fiber internet provider, Converge ICT. In an era where streaming movies, TV series, and other videos to mobile phones or televisions, this service offering is just right. Powered by Converge’s pure fiber internet, the company aims to provide customers a way to enjoy the choice of entertainment on demand.

“We’re very excited to launch Converge FREEDOM today as we give our valued subscribers the full power over what they watch, when they watch it, and where they watch it.” says Jesus Romero, Converge ICT Chief Operating Officer. “This is the first of the many new offerings we’re introducing this year and we’re starting off with what Filipinos enjoy the most: access to entertainment. You will no longer be limited to watching your favorite programs on your TV. With Converge FREEDOM, you can watch anytime, anywhere in your home with its on-demand functionalities.”

Converge ICT Chief Operating Officer Jesus C. Moreno
Converge ICT Chief Operating Officer Jesus C. Moreno

Enjoy maximized convenience with Converge FREEDOM streaming service. You can access it from your smartphone and tablet via the FREEDOM app, available for download on App Store and Google Play. Or enjoy it on your TV via the Set-Top Box (STB) which you can purchase with your Converge FREEDOM Subscription plan.Converge FREEDOM

Entertainment at your own pace, at your own place

Converge FREEDOM gives you access to premium channels perfect for whatever passion or interest you may have. Whether it is movie, music, sports, food, news, or events, you won’t have to worry about missing out on your favorite show. Converge FREEDOM streaming service comes with four main features that allow you to enjoy content as you please: Time shift, Playback, Multiview, and Movability.

Converge ICT partnered with cable operators for Converge FREEDOM streaming service
Converge ICT partnered with cable operators for Converge FREEDOM streaming service


With Converge FREEDOM’s Time Shift functionality, you can pause, rewind, or fast-forward your content for up to four hours. You’II never have to wonder what happened on your favorite show too because you can watch previous episodes up to seven days before via Playback.

For subscribers with family members with different interests, Converge FREEDOM’s Multiview feature lets you watch shows simultaneously through different devices. For those without a SetTop Box, Converge FREEDOM can still be enjoyed in your devices via the FREEDOM app. This allows you to access content wherever you may be within your house.

Converge FREEDOM Content Partners
Converge FREEDOM Content Partners

As a leading provider of fiber internet in the country, Converge FREEDOM streaming service runs on pure end-to-end fiber internet. It has a minimal bandwidth consumption of 2 to 2.5Mbps for Smartphones and Tablets and 4.5Mbps for TV Set-Top Box for high-definition content

Get it for as low as P299 monthly

To start enjoying your own Converge FREEDOM, existing Converge subscribers and businesses may visit to subscribe. Non-Converge customers can access Converge F REEDOM by switching to Converge fiber internet first. As a treat, Converge ICT is giving its existing subscribers a FREEDOM App 30-day trial period from March 29, 2019 to April 30, 2019.

Converge Freedom Plans are initially available in these areas: Metro Manila (Navotas, Paranaque, Quezon City, Taguig, Pateros, Valenzuela, Marikina, Caloocan, Muntinlupa) and North Luzon (Angeles, Mabalacat, Tarlac).

Converge FREEDOM PricingConverge FREEDOM can be enjoyed by Converge FiberX subscribers with Plans 1500, 2500, and 3500; Converge Fiber Xtreme subscribers with Plans 4500 and 7000; Converge Microbiz subscribers with Plans 2000 and 3000; and Converge iBiz subscribers with Plans 9000, 12000, and 15000.

“We hope to upgrade our subscribers’ entertainment experience by maximizing convenience while providing premium content. We’re planning to extend this service to everyone in the country as Converge continues to revolutionize the way Filipinos experience internet and access content,” adds Romero.

Now with Converge FREEDOM streaming service, you can enjoy what you want, when you want, where you want. For more information on Converge FREEDOM, visit

Converge FREEDOM Quick Review

I just had my Converge FiberX internet installed last Saturday, March 23rd, so I was so eager with any new offerings that Converge ICT has for me as a subscriber. At the launch, guests were given access to the app as the entire venue was powered with Converge’s fiber connection.

Channels on High Def
Channels on High Def

Prior to the start of the formal event, I was able to check the service. Right off the bat, I already liked the fact that there are different genres of entertainment that I can choose from. Also some content are available on HD.

Movies on Converge FREEDOM
Available movie channels

The content available is really dependent on what cable operators are showing on TV. Somehow, my expectations were not met. I’m subscribed to other steaming services where there are tons of content available.

When the details were discussed about Converge FREEDOM streaming service at the official unveiling, that’s where I totally got a full understanding of the service and started forming my personal opinion. Despite disappointment that the content available is dependent on the available programs, it’s pretty understandable because the streaming service is in partnership with cable operators.

Checking out the schedule on HBO
Checking out the schedule on HBO

I’m not really a TV fan. I mean, I do have some favorite shows, but I’ve accepted the fact that I can not follow every episode because I’m really busy with more important things. I’ve also missed a couple of movies that I hope to watch soon. With the availability of this service, it’s now possible to catch up when they become available on streaming. And using the app, I realized I can go back up to like a few days and watch the ones that’s been shown.

One thing I don’t like though is that I can’t connect the app to Chromecast so I can watch it on my TV. That’s such a bummer. I have to content myself in watching the shows on my smartphone just because I don’t have a set-top box. Why should I watch TV shows on my smartphone when I’m at home, right?

Watching The last Airbender on my Android phone
Watching The last Airbender on my Android phone

I tried out the Converge FREEDOM streaming service for a 30-day free trial until April 30. Now, will I continue with it? I’m not quite sure. Possibly not, and why not? The price is the deciding factor. At Php499, or even at Php299, it won’t be that much practical for me. In addition, I don’t want TVCs when watching. But if you’re really a TV fan and you can’t afford to miss an episode of your favorite show, the service is for you.

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