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Come Home to Good Food for Dinner with City Chef PH

There’s food delivery, and then there’s City Chef PH food delivery service that makes you want to have dinner as soon as possible. Having food delivered to your home or office is already part of Filipino life. This is especially true for busy people who no longer have the time to cook. But the foods you get to eat are either the fastfood kind, or the expensive kind when you want something else. That’s definitely not the kind of food I got when I had my food delivered by City Chef.

We rarely have food delivered as we try to cook at home. But because we’re quite a bunch of busy people, the food we cook are just the passable kind. And that would probably include processed meats, canned goods, etc. Quality home-cooked meals are reserved for weekends. And as we were prepping for our travel to Baguio for the Panagbenga Festival, last week was particularly busy. City Chef PH delivering food on Thursday and Friday last week was perfect timing.

We received the Beef Bourguinon, and French Beans with Marbled Potatoes on the first delivery; Kare-Kare, and Mixed Veggies for the 2nd. Each deliveries came with rice, so you no longer have to worry about cooking anything. City Chef PH is actually a dinner delivery service, aiming to help families and young professionals eat quality food for dinner. So the foods delivered at home came late in the afternoon, just in time for dinner.

I felt lucky that City Chef PH was collaborating with Chef Noel Mauricio of Le Petit Souffle and Pingpong Diplomacy that week. The collaboration resulted to a special meal of Beef Bourginon, and French Beans with Marbled Potatoes. I just love how tender the beef is, and the dish is packed with flavor. The French Beans with Marbled Potatoes complemented the dish as well. Our dinner that night was sosyal haha!

We looked forward to the second delivery and we were not disappointed. I fell in love with Kare-Kare for our 2nd delivery simply because it really felt lutong bahay. My auntie, who is a very picky eater, enjoyed the dish as well. And the mixed veggies? Fresh and crisp to the bite just how I want my veggies.

I can say is that the dishes are made of quality ingredients, and freshly cooked. And the serving size is generous. We actually had left overs which we were able to eat for lunch the next day. The “Family pack” is good for 2-3 people. City Chef PH also offers the “Solo pack” which is ideal for those living solo.

What I really like about this service is that the food they deliver is a combination of meat/fish and veggies meals. That’s eating a balanced meal. And for Php490 per day for the family serving size, or Php280 for solo, you’re actually getting value for money. That’s basically the same amount of money you spend when having food delivered from other restaurants, even more.

Now everyone can come home to good food for dinner with the help of City Chef PH food delivery service. Because frankly, after a long day of hard work, we deserve better. For more details including menu and ordering, visit citychef.ph.
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Come Home to Good Food for Dinner with City Chef PH
City Chef PH dinner delivery service lets you enjoy good food for dinner at home. It's the ideal food delivery service for families and young professionals who don't have time to cook a good meal after work. The service is definitely a good alternative to fastfood delivery.
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