Close To Heaven – My First Angel’s Pizza Experience

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Angel's Pizza Pasta ComboI love pizza! It will always satisfy my tummy with all those toppings. But not all pizzas are made equal. It comes in different shapes, sizes and flavors and as pizza parlors grow, it’s hard to choose which one’s for you. It’s normal to stick to your favorites, but it doesn’t hurt to look the other way. You’ll never know what you’re gonna get. That’s exactly what I did when I had my pizza delivered last night courtesy of Angel’s Pizza — my first ever experience.

It was supposed to be a food-tasting event at the City Golf Plaza in Pasig, but then I was told that they’ll have it delivered to my place instead. Who am I to decline? So at 6PM, just as they said, the pizza delivery boy arrived. My cousin hurried at the gate to meet the guy as I was on the phone with a client. I smelled the aroma as soon as the pizza entered our house, prompting me to check it out. A few minutes later, the phone call ended and I excitedly opened the box.

heaven at your doorsteps | Angel's Pizza“A Taste of Heaven at Your Doorstep” reads the tagline of Angel’s Pizza, printed on the sides of the box. I only had a few dining experiences where I can say “Heaven!”. There’s boldness for this pizza parlor to claim such a tagline. As we opened the box, we saw the generous toppings on this Family-sized pizza — there’s pineapple, ham, bacon, green bell pepper and barbeque sauce drizzled all over. The play of colors created by the ingredients was a feast to behold. The accompanying flyers hinted we’re about to partake the Chicken Aloha flavor — the newest offering pitched for the Christmas season.

Different flavors flowed in my mouth as I took a bite. There’s the crunch and the juices Fresh Ingredients | Angel's Pizza | Chicken Alohaproving the freshness of the ingredients that were carefully baked in the oven. I checked my slice again and I can see that the toppings are not wilted which I see even on popular brands. I also like the fact that the dough doesn’t have a bread-like consistency. Fine, pizza crusts are made out of ingredients to make bread, but it shouldn’t be that way with pizza. My frustrations with other brands is that they’re either too crunchy or too tough to chew on. There was an experience when it even tasted like paper. The dough on this Angel’s Pizza is chewy, tasty and right to the bite.

In less than an hour, all three of us at home devoured the pizza while watching TV and chatting in between, raving about what we’re eating. One thing is missing on this treat though — chicken! We ended up checking the pictures I took before we started to dig on the Chicken Aloha. We couldn’t find the star of the show at first glance, probably hidden by the rest of the ingredients spread all over. I wish the chicken chunks were bigger than what it was. It will definitely bring the chicken flavor to the fore.

Shrimp Pesto Pasta | Angel's Pizza
My Next Target

As it is, the pizza is already delicious and I can almost say “Heaven!” and I thank Orange Magazine TV and Angel’s Pizza for making this experience happen. It was close and that deserves another eating. Their other delightful flavors may lead me there so I will definitely have an Angel’s Pizza again. Right now I’m drooling at their Shrimp Pesto Pizza! If you’re on Facebook, you can get updates on their page: Check out the branch nearest you on their website: You can also have your pizza delivered by calling their hotline (02) 922-2222.
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