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Dragon Chef Hearty and Hip Chinese Cuisine

Chinese Dishes by the Dragon Chef

Chinese cuisine has always been a part if the Filipino culture. Unlike other foreign dishes, we often encounter Chinese foods at home even on regular days. But naturally, these were already cooked the Filipino way. To really experience authentic Chinese cooking, one has to visit a restaurant. I happen to discover one at TriNoMa — Dragon Chef — Hearty and Hip Chinese Cuisine.Dragon Chef Hearty and Hip Chinese CuisineLocated at the 4th Level of TriNoMa in Quezon City, the restaurant is the newest baby of restauranteur Ricky Laudico and Chef Florabel. This is the same group behind SumoSam and RobotoSan and is quite a departure from their other restaurants. Aside from offering Chinese cuisine, the place is also small when compared to their other restaurants that I’ve visited. But that’s actually a good thing because then the service becomes more intimate and the place more quiet.Dumplings at Dragon Chef

For starters I tried theiri dimsums — Han Gao Shrimp Dumpling, Quarry Bay Pork Siomai and Xiao Long Bao. Unlike the other dimsums that I tasted, this one has a distinct flavor one from the other. Prior to this, all the others tasted generic.Dragon Chef Nirvana Salad

They also have salad. I had Nirvana Salad with Crispy Tofu, fruits and walnuts with sesame dressing. It was really refreshing. Seafood Bean Curd Soup followed. The starters alone are enough to fill me up. But that’s not the end if it all. More food came to the table.

It was a feast fit for an emperor as each food are really good — hearty indeed! Plus they introduced twists to it, making it a truly hip experience.

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I enjoyed the salad, especially because it has strawberries on it. It was really unique for me. Then I love the tenderness of Yuen Long Pork Belly and the Pork Asado. In between bites, I drank Green Lychee which was really refreshing. The mall was capped with Snowballs for dessert; these are Mochi filled with surprises. My only concern with the restaurant is the food is on the expensive side when compared with the restaurants offering a similar fare. Dragon Chef - Hearty and Hip Chinese CuisineThe restaurant is relatively new, so expect for more. I hope they’d adjust their pricing. Overall, dining at the Dragon Chef is a good experience primarily because of the good and nice ambience.


  1. It’s my first time to hear about this place. I will surely give it a visit on my next visit to the Philippines.

    i miss munching on those delicious Chinese inspired food! Yum!

  2. my husband is inlove with chinese food! even me also!! I’ve been missing all the vegetarian meals in Singapore since we’re in KL now its gonna be long time again!! those foods looks really yummy! xx

  3. This restaurant is another place to try, I love dimsums and noodles which I usually order in a Chinese restaurant and another food I like is shabu-shabu, do they offer it in their restaurant?

  4. I’m a fan of dimsum and fried rice. Would love to try their soup and salad, as well as other dishes. But I have to put that on hold since it’s on the expensive side 🙁

  5. I always pass by this restaurant at Trinoma. I admit their prices are too high but that is expected from their group. I have to try those dumplings though.

  6. Chinese foods never fail to amaze me. Their fried rice and dimsum are a good combination. ^_^

  7. Chinese food is indeed part of our daily life!

    I also had a sumptuous lunch in a Chinese restaurant here in Davao and I must say it is fit for the emperor!

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