Chef’s Noodle SM North Edsa The Block is Now Open

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Chef's Noodle SM North Edsa The BlockWhen roaming the city whether for business or pleasure, a good food discovery is always a welcome treat. Recently, I learned that Chef’s Noodle SM North Edsa The Block is now open. I am aware of this restaurant which apparently came all the way from Korea when it opened its first restaurant last year in Manila. It was just too far for me visit, so when the opportunity came along, I gladly agreed. After all, I’m always on the look out for new restaurants to visit. Chef’s Noodle promises a taste a Korea. Although I’m no expert on Korean food, my first dining experience at this restaurant was really pleasant. Jump in and read my Chef’s Noodle review.

The Chef’s Noodle Ambiance

Chef's Noodle SM North Edsa The Block Interior The restaurant ambiance has a casual feel to it. Although the place is not big, it has a loft for additional seating capacity. I love the bowls displayed on the wall at the ground floor. Anyone entering Chef’s Noodle SM City North Edsa The Block will not be intimidated because of its welcoming atmosphere. This is a plus for me, having been to other similar restaurant where I got initially concerned if I’ll be welcomed inside when I enter.

The Chef’s Noodle Food

Our food tasting started with Leek Shrimp Twigim as appetizer. It’s deep fried kutchai battered in a blend of buthai shrimp mix. It’s interesting to start a meal with veggies, but this one takes the cake. The shrimp mix gave it a crisp that I like.

Leek Shrimp Twigim (Php99) at Chef's Noodle SM North Edsa The Block
Leek Shrimp Twigim (Php99)

Several minutes later, food started coming in. Some looked familiar, some are not, but I’m willing to give them all a try. Chef’s Noodle sure has a wide selection of food items that can be enjoyed. Let me highlight the ones that stood out for me.

Chef's Noodle (Php150) at Chef's Noodle SM North Edsa The Block
Chef’s Noodle (Php150)

As recommended, I tried Chef’s Noodle, which I believe is the restaurant’s signature dish. The noodles are topped with tamago, spouts, fried tofu, jun-ya, kuchai and beef broth. I love that the veggies are still crisp and the beef flavor is very evident. This noodle dish is a complete meal already that can be shared by two.

Spicy Ddukobokki (Php150) at Chef's Noodle SM North Edsa The Block
Spicy Ddukobokki (Php150)

I love Spicy Ddukobokki because it’s sweet and spicy. One blogger pointed out that the dish is actually a kid’s meal in South Korea. Maybe the kid in me liked the food. It’s made of rice and fish cakes cooked in sweet and spicy chili sauce and is said to be a very popular Korean comfort food.

Starking Fire Sushi - Tuna and Beef (P160) at Chef's Noodle SM North Edsa The Block
Starking Fire Sushi – Tuna and Beef (P160)


I also enjoyed Chef’s Noodle’s sushi. We had the beef and tuna variant. It’s actually blow torched before our very eyes, giving it a touch of entertainment. The fire gave the sushi a smokey flavor after that gave the food the much-deserved character. Definitely at the top of my list of Chef’s Noodle dish. I captured a short video of one of the crew torching the sushi. Watch it below.

We also had Seafood Pa Jun (Php99), Bibimbap (Php99) and Japchae (Php130). These dishes are equally good, though the ones above really stood out for me. And we also had desserts which are heavenly and truly satisfied a sweet tooth like me. My apologies though, I don’t have their names as we were all too busy enjoying the feast that was served before us.Seafood Pa Jun - Bibimbap - Japchae at Chef's Noodle SM North Edsa The Block Desserts at Chef's Noodle SM North Edsa The BlockIt’s a good thing Chef’s Noodle SM North Edsa The Block is now open. I no longer have to think about going far to experience good food. I love that the serving for each dish is big, giving it value for money. Whether you’re a fan of Korean dishes or simply want good food, I recommend Chef’s Noodle. Visit Chef’s Noodle’s Facebook Page and website for more details.


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