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Gerald, Paulo, and Matteo Shares Century Tuna Recipe to Sexy

Century Tuna Recipe to Sexy with Gerald, Paulo, and Matteo

A representation of summerIn time for summer, Gerald Anderson, Paulo Avelino, and Matteo Guidicelli shares Century Tuna recipe to sexy. The country’s number 1 canned tuna, Century Tuna is the choice of health and fitness buffs. It’s also a favorite of foodies like me. So if you want to slim down to flaunt that beach body despite loving to eat, the three actors’ recipes are a must-try to achieve success in your “balik-alindog” project.

“Like Gerald, Mateo and Paulo, Century Tuna is very versatile,” relates Greg Banzon, Century Pacific Food, Inc. VP & General Manager. ”You can use it in different dishes, allowing you to be creative in creating your own recipe to sexy!” I can attest to that. I eat it straight from the can or make it into a delicious meal.

Greg Banzon - Century Pacific Food VP and General Manager

Greg Banzon – Century Pacific Food VP and General Manager

Here’s Tuna Silog ala Gerald. This is a perfect meal for those who can’t do away with rice. “Breakfast for me is very important,” Gerald shares. “And I wanted a dish that’s a healthier take on the typical Pinoy breakfast so I came up with this super delicious Tuna Silog. “

Gerald has come a long way from becoming the Third Big Placer in the first season of Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition in 2006. It’s very evident that he worked hard to achieve a fit body. He is now one of the popular young actors with a string of television appearances, movie roles, and as part of a popular love team. Gerald proved his acting worth in the gritty, acclaimed film On The Job.

The industry’s “The Prince of Teleseryes” shared Tuna Pancit Canton ala Paulo. This is actually a surprising dish for me. I have been cooking Century Tuna with pasta, but not with instant pancit canton. “Tuna Pancit Canton is the ultimate, yummy comfort food – something you can make in a jiffy!” Paulo declares.

Paulo is also one of the popular actors in the country. He has starred in a number of outstanding indie movie releases, among them Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa which earned for him the Best Actor award from the prestigious Gawad Urian.

Not to be left behind in popularity is Matteo Guidicelli. Following a decorated stint in the fast lane as a karting racer garnering numerous trophies, Matteo entered showbiz in earnest, attending drama and performing arts school in the United States to further hone his craft. On top of that, he also released his first self-titled album in 2016!

His favorite Century Tuna recipe to sexy is Tuna Egg Salad Sandwich ala Matteo. “I’m always on the go,” Matteo reveals. “I love having a lean sandwich because it’s easy to prepare. Just like my Tuna Egg Salad Sandwich on wheat bread which is healthy yet very satisfying!”

The latest faces – and hot bods – in the Century Tuna’s newest summer TVC, also prepared their favorite dishes in front of the guests during the launch. And just like the TVC, they cooked with no shirts on, only their apron.

Gerald, Paulo, and Matteo take shirts off

Shirtless Gerald, Paulo, and Matteo at the Century Tuna My Recipe to Sexy event

Gerald, Paulo, and Matteo prepares their recipe to sexyGerald, Paulo, and Matteo’s Century Tuna Recipe to Sexy dishes are easy to prepare, and delicious too! I had the chance to taste the dishes during the Century Tuna event and I enjoyed them all. I will definitely cook them one of these days.

Gerald, Paulo, and Matteo Shares Century Tuna Recipe to SexyWhile I’m far from being sexy, I will not deprive myself from good food. Gerald, Paulo, and Matteo are testament that you don’t have to, just to stay fit and sexy. Eating healthy is very important, and thanks to Century Tuna, which is lean and adaptable, you can easily prepare and enjoy lots of irresistible Century Tuna recipe to sexy meals.

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