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Startling Urbanears Experience

I talked about my bloggers meet experience where we were introduced to the Scandinavian earphone brand Urbanears at Digital Walker Cafe in Eastwood. We were given a bagful of goodies, including the Bagis. I hoped it was the Medis, but who am I to complain? I got one in black. I wished it was in white or something other than black to spice up a boring personality. But again, who am I to complain. Really, I can’t complain because with my new Urbanears earphone, I got into a startling experience I will never forget. It may sound over the top, but this is just one of those unexpected moments that I love so much. When I learned that the goodies handed to us included an Urbanears earphone, I turned giddy wanting to try it out as soon as possible, just like a boy with a new toy. But I got ...

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