Cake Buffet at Goldilocks National Cake Day 

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Goldilocks National Cake DayI have a sweet tooth and one of the food that I enjoy is cake. That’s why I immediately agreed to an invite at Goldilocks National Cake Day. After all, how can I resist the cake-all-you-can experience? The first-ever Goldilocks cake buffet was held at SM City Manila on a Saturday, November 26th.

Goldilocks has been making cakes for 50 years and has delighted Filipinos of every age. I remember having Goldilocks cakes on my birthday as a kid. Ever evolving to meet the consumers’ changing needs, the bake shop has tons of cakes, pastries and other desserts to offer. From the classic favorites like Chocolate and Butter cakes to the more special Black Forest and Brazo de Mercedes, Goldilocks has been on top of their cake game.

Goldilocks Executives with Sporty BearGoldilocks National Cake Day is part of the company’s 50th Birthday Celebration. Guests were treated to all the classic and premium Goldilocks cakes that they could eat. All the guest were able to have their fill of classic Black Forest, Ube, and Mocha cakes; and premium flavors such as Chocolate Velvet, Rainbow, and Caramel Banana.

Well, Goldilocks National Cake Day is over and looking at the Goldilocks Facebook Page, a lot of customers missed. Some were even asking why it was done only at SM City Manila. Hopefully next year, the event will happen in all their branches nationwide. I would have asked the same too. I’m from Quezon City and Manila is quite far for me, but no distance is impossible for a cake-lover like me, haha!

Guests having cake-all-you-can at Goldilocks National Cake DayThe good thing is, even if it isn’t National Cake Day anymore, we can still go ahead and indulge. Grab a Goldilocks cake slice, cake roll, or any of Goldilocks’ famous round cakes and share a slice with family and friends! Can’t decide what flavor of cake to get? Visit the Goldilocks website to learn about all of their cake flavors at

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