Bright and Win Now All Over PH Stores for Olay Bodyscience

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Fans have been waiting forever for Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin to be together again, and Olay BodyScience came through for the much-awaited moment.

Since Olay’s official announcement of the BL heartthrobs as official endorsers, Filipino fans have been well fed with BrightWin content — seen together again. The BL fandom power was felt when Olay Bodyscience products were flying off online and on shelves of stores during 11.11. As a gift, Olay gave Filipino fans exclusive access to a BrightWin video that has never been seen before.

Witness Bright and Win with Radiant Skin All Over PH

Many were already on the edge of their seats when the 11.11 celebration with BrightWin came out. Fans have since requested to see BrightWin displayed in stores — and Olay finally delivered.

If you’re one of the many BrightWin fans who are still craving and wanting to see more content of them together, your BL wishes are granted.

Win Metawin with Olay Bodyscience, as seen on one of the many shelves all over PH stores.Bright and Win endorses Olay BodyscienceOlay is partnering up with Watsons and Robinsons to take the BL heartthrobs all over Philippine stores. This means you can now finally see Bright and Win all over Olay Bodyscience shelves here in PH. Get your Olay Bodyscience radiant skin ready to take photos with the in-store ads of Bright and Win.

Join Bright and Win on their journey to radiant skin through Watson’s payday weekends where they’ll be giving away a 20% discount off on all Olay Bodyscience body wash! If you’re one of the lucky few, you can also get P50 off on your purchase.

Bright and Win’s radiant skin is made possible with the help of Olay BodyScience body wash with Niacinamide. Its formula helps improve uneven skin tone, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, brighten your skin, and minimize enlarged pores. It not only cleanses but also nourishes, giving you bright and radiant skin in just 28 days.

You’re one wash away from enjoying smooth and as radiant skin as Bright and Win. Shop the Olay Bodyscience Creme Bodywash Cleansing and Brightening through Watsons.

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