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I’m sure you were able to catch this BPI TVC even once at least. It’s one of those commercials that hit me simply because I can relate to the main character’s dilemma. When we’re out of budget, despite our longing to travel to different places in the country, we simply had to excuse ourselves from any invitation to join. For the longest time of my life, I simply had to say “No” even if my heart is saying “Yes” because I have more pressing matters to attend to as far as finances are concerned. You see, early in my working life, I am already tasked to have a share on family expenses which includes sending a cousin to school, rent, utilities, etc. As young professional, I wanted to go out more and get more out of my earnings. From time to time, I’m able to go out, but not as often as I would want it to be. The latest campaign by BPI — Get Out More — is simply the cry of my heart.

Get Out More - BPI When I learned about this latest campaign, I got excited. I wanted to get out more and have more fun with family and friends. Although I’m now free of family responsibilities, the opportunity that BPI is offering is simply irresistible. Imagine being able to travel to select destinations in the country for free? That’s awesome! You get free airfare, free accommodations and… a pocket money! It gets even better! Winners get to bring 3 companions to the trip. That’s a vacation that spells a lot of F-U-N!

Top 7 Philippine Destinations - Get Out More - BPI

In partnership with the Department of Tourism (DOT), the Philippine hotel Reservations Service Inc. and Zest Airways Inc., the bank’s “Get Out More” campaign aims to give its clients a chance to win an all-expense paid trip for four to the top seven (7) destinations in the country — Bohol, Boracay, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Legazpi and Puerto Princesa. Seven lucky winners will receive round-trip airfare transfers for four via Zest Air, 3 days and 2 nights accommodations and a pocket money of Php24,700. To join in this promo, BPI clients only need to make a minimum bill payment of Php50.00 through the BPI 24/7 Channels — Express Online, Express Phone or Express Mobile. Each transaction will be awarded a raffle entry to the “Get Out More” promo. The promo period runs from September 17 to December 31st.

I pay my bills through either BPI Express Online or BPI Express Mobile. These are highly recommended online facility that I have been using for over 5 years. I’m able to free myself from the hassle of lining up to pay my bills and it only takes less than 10 minutes depending on the transaction. Counting the number of bills I pay — water, cable, electricity, mobile phone — I will have at least 12 raffle entries. That’s more chance of winning!

Visit the “Get Out More” fun microsite to get more information about this latest promo. And while you’re at it, explore its features where you can create your own video. If you’re itching to travel instead of waiting for the winners to be announced, visit Zest Air to book your tickets and the Philippine Hotel Reservations Service for your accommodations. Go ahead, get out more. You deserve it.

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  1. Wow I didnt know that the cities listed above are the top 7 travel destinations in the Philippines. I have been in 5 already and Davao is the next in our list this year. Im not sure if I will go to Boracay though but maybe if I win in a promo or a friend brings me there whichever comes first. 🙂

  2. I have a BPI account but I think I should work on the first suggestion first and psyche myself to ‘WANT’ to GET OUT MORE hehe 🙂 Awesome promo BTW 🙂

  3. this is actually a good deal lalo na sa mhilig mg-travel.. I want to open an account pa naman sa bpi.hihih 🙂

  4. Me and my brother use BPI for our savings account. Mine’s not maintained nga lang pero I keep going back to BPI.

    I love rewards and promos that promote work life balance and reaching for your dreams 🙂

  5. This one’s a nice promo. Glad BPI thought of this. A way for Filipinos to travel more and experience the beauty of our country.

  6. Great initiative from BPI. Banking can be one of the most boring and tedious things to do, but this should really make it as painless as possible – with the added benefit of having more time to get out more! 😉

  7. Wow! This could be a huge deal, as I love to travel. And since BPI has been my main bank since college, I could actually look further into this latest campaign.

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