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Talking to the bank about money matters can be intimidating. I personally found it challenging to talk to bank staff even when inquiring about opening an account. I’m sure it’s a lot scary to ask about various products and services. But with the power of the Internet, I can get some information at the comfort of my home. Unfortunately though, that information can sometimes be outdated or irrelevant to my situation. Now BPI is making sure that everybody gets accurate, relevant information through Bankers Online Facebook App.

BPI Bankers Online App Landing Page

At the recent unveiling of this new service, I learned that BPI recognizes the fact that people, Filipinos in particular, finds it hard to talk to bank personnel. Tapping on this understanding of social behavior, the financial institution is using technology where almost every Filipino has access on – Facebook. Using the Bankers Online Facebook App, anybody can ask just about anything relevant to banking without the need for face-to-face interaction. This becomes a platform where everyone can learn about banking products and services – loans, credit card, deposit, investments. That’s very proactive.

This is not a surprise for me because Bank of the Philippine Islands has always been one of the bank integrating and taking advantage of technology in its services. I’m one of the thousands of BPI depositors and I’ve seen how the financial institution has evolved to make my life easier as far as banking transactions are concerned. I seldom line up to the bank just to get a transaction done – deposit, bills payment, fund transfer, etc. I get to do all that via phone, the Internet or through my mobile phone – all with clicks, done in a few minutes.


What’s good about this BPI Facebook App is that one doesn’t have to be a BPI client to ask questions. Simply visit, like the bank’s page and follow the authentication procedures to link your Facebook account. This is simply for security measures to avoid spamming and phishing activities from happening. Aside from that, the process does not involved getting financial information like bank account or customer details from the social media website. This ensures that sensitive data are not transmitted electronically, thus eliminating the possibilities of fraud.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and talk to BPI for all your financial and banking concerns via the Bankers Online Facebook App. You can do this even if you reside overseas, and you’re assured somebody will provide the information that you need.

BPI Executives and Guests at the BPI Bankers Online App Launch
Mr. Donald Lim | Carmencita Gozar, BPI VP & Brand BPI Division Head | Ms. Virginia Brocka, Brand BPI Digital Marketing Head | Ms. Josephine Ocampo, BPI SVP & Chief Marketing Officer | and Mr. RJ Ledesma.

12 Responses

  1. This is innovation in an industry which is traditionally traditional and slow to react on evolving landscapes. Great initiative by BPI and great convenience for users! On another note, nice to see my boss up there in the picture 🙂

  2. Yay! A very great and innovative move for BPI. Indeed they do things to reach to their clients. Honestly I find hard to understand why people are a little scared when approaching bank employees to ask for questions. Coming from a bank, I know that the job of these employees fronting the bank is to answer questions of every prospective client. That’s why they are called Marketing Assistant. So go ahead! Ask questions and be informed!

  3. Major banks in the country have already introduced so far this online banking. Though, it is impersonal, but yet it could serve as to its purpose of handling client’s banking problems and other financial related banking transaction in facility. In this hi-tech advent, everything now is possible.

  4. I love the systems of BPI, before I have HSBC bank account and now I am with BPI. I did not know about tha bankers facebook online App. Good thing I came across your blog… Hmm I think I am going to try it… Interesting!

  5. BPI once again proves why it is the acknowledged leader in the banking industry. Not many banks or businesses for that matter consider how it is to be on the other side as a client.

  6. I have been using their iPhone app for quite sometiime now and so far I love it. And this Facebook app, considering that you need to be BPI user to be able to use is one good factor. I haven’t really checked on this in Facebook though. Will check this one of these days.

    1. I’ve been using their mobile app too, and it’s very convenient, especially when transferring funds to BPI clients. This Facebook app though can be accessed by anybody, including non-BPI clients.

  7. I can relate to this. I get intimidated when I need to personally inquire in a bank. Glad BPI have this app already. I hope other banks follow suit, too.

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