How I Booked Discovery Suites Hotel with the Traveloka App

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The Traveloka App on my iPhoneBecause of technology, life is so much easier today. Recently, I booked a hotel with the Traveloka app. It was one of the most convenient way provided by smartphone technology. Imagine not having to call every hotel to find the best deal in town? With just a few taps here and there, voila! You’re booked.

Ever since Traveloka was introduced to me, I’ve been using it along with other travel and hotel booking apps to regularly check hotel deals. It’s interesting to know how much it will cost me to stay at a particular hotel. I can’t help but notice though that most of the prices quoted on the app is lower than the others.

Proof to that was my cousin’s recent booking at Richmond Hotel in January. She was looking at her options in Ortigas Center because of a wedding commitment. We checked out the different options in all the hotel booking apps.

I helped her trim down the choices and eventually opted to book using the Traveloka app. We were surprised to see that the other apps are offering the same room at a much higher price. On top of that, she got a discount with the promo code available on the app.

Yep, since I’ve been checking Traveloka, I noticed that they have promos all the time. Some apps encourage you to share your own promo code so you get discounts. I’ve done that, but because the discounts expire, I don’t get to take advantage of them. That’s a bummer.

So when it was my time to book a hotel, I did the same thing comparing prices on all the apps installed on my phone. And yes, Traveloka won again. But my decision is not just about the price.

When I was looking to book a hotel for the weekend, my mind is set about relaxing on a bathtub. So yes, that’s one of my criteria for choosing a hotel that I wanted to be in. Traveloka showed me whether the room has a bathtub or not, others don’t have such detailed information.

And with a good price due to the promo code, I zeroed in and decided to grab a booking at Discovery Suites. And booking is such a breeze. I’m a happy camper and can’t wait for the day of my staycation.

Updated payment details after applying the promo code
Updated payment details after applying the promo code

Another thing that I love with Traveloka is that there’s an option to pay for the booking over-the-counter. Yep, you don’t have to worry about not having a credit card. You can pay through 7-Eleven, Ceubana Lhuiller or DragonPay. That’s a nice touch, although I didn’t have to worry about it because I paid through credit card.

After confirming my payment, I was prompted to check my email for my voucher. I also got an SMS notification. That’s giving me peace of mind that my payment went through and my booking is confirmed.

My Room at Discovery SuitesJust as I was reading the notifications on my phone, another notification came in showing that a new email with my voucher and receipt. I’ll share my Discovery Suites stay soon. But for now, I’m in search again for my next hotel booking with the Traveloka app.

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