BonChon Chicken Snack Ons Turned My Cravings On

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Bonchon Chicken Snack On Food ItemsBonChon Chicken Snack Ons turned my cravings on during a food tasting at the Korean fastfood restaurant’s The Link Branch in Makati several days ago. I was with several bloggers who got to taste the latest offerings by BonChon for those who loves snacking. And who doesn’t? We’re all used to eating in between meals and the BonChon Chicken Snack Ons food items are hard to resist.

I got to try BonChon Chicken Poppers, bite-sized “crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside” chicken fillet chunks. Available in original Soy Garlic or Spicy flavors, I enjoyed that world-famous BonChon Chicken goodness. The Chicken Poppers are in a cup, like eating fries. It’s handy and can be snacked on, on-the-go.

Speaking of fries, BonChon Chicken Snack Ons include side meals such as french fries, onion rings and sweet potato fries. The sweet potato fries is definitely my choice. The sweet taste blended well with the salty and savory flavor of the other Snack Ons.

If you love sandwich for snacks, there’s BonChon Snackwich. It’s a snack-sized sandwich in Double Garlic and Double Spicy variants. The Double Garlic Snackwich is filled with a soy-garlic glazed chicken chop, creamy garlic mayo, crispy garlic bits, and lettuce in a sesame Kaiser bun.  The Double Spicy Snackwich has a spicy-glazed chicken chop, fiery spicy mayo, and hand-cut kimchi coleslaw in a sesame Kaiser bun.

Our snacking ended on a sweet note with BonChon Crispy Crepe. I love apples and so I immediately tried Apple Caramel variant. I love the play of flavors brought by apples, cinnamon and caramel. The crispiness gave it a character. Next was the Mangoes and Cream Crispy Crepe which was equally delish. I love that both flavors are not on the sweeter side. Then we were served BonChon’s Ko-Yo. That’s Korean Yogurt for you, and these snack ons are available in Banoffie Pie, Blueberry Torte and Mango Sanrival. I’m already full and so was concerned that I might feel bloated having another dessert. But I can’t resist trying a Korean Yogurt. I decided to take on the Bluberry Torte Ko-Yo since I’m fond of blueberries. I wish I could also try the other variants, but was quite ashamed to dip my spoon on the other bloggers’ food.

There’s also the Korean noodle dish Chapchae and the Fish Taco, but I never got to try them because I’m already full. I saw a newly-opened branch in Farmer’s Plaza in Cubao. I’ll definitely visit the place to have the other BonChon Chicken Snack Ons that I didn’t get to try and have my favorites again. Or maybe I should just have them delivered. After all, BonChon Chicken now delivers and I can place an order should I be in selected cities nationwide. For more information, log on to

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