Blogs Lead Me to Try New Restaurants

Foodie AlwinBefore I became a blogger, I am a foodie first and foremost. And for me, blogs lead me to try new restaurants. Whenever I search for places to eat, I would look into Google and will find blogs reviewing restaurants and food. Today, there are a lot of online resources that foodies can refer to when it comes to restaurant reviews, but blogs are still my number one online resources.

It’s Noisy Out There

There’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foodspotting, Zomato and many more that aims to serve foodies searching for the best places to eat. But I do find it difficult to sift through all the noise in social media, unless they pique my interest and engages me in some way. Otherwise I would still ask Google or visit food blogs to figure out what’s new, what’s good and where. Only then would I explore the restaurant’s social media pages to get more information. Food Blogged!

Hard Work

To be honest, my personal experience is an eye opener for me. I blog (obviously hehe) and I do have social media accounts for my blog where I promote my articles, including restaurant reviews. When businesses contact me for events or reviews, I take it as a partnership. And I work hard on that partnership by not just blogging but also promoting them on my social media accounts several times, even when the buzz has died down. Hard work pays off because aside from getting traffic on my blog, I also get invited again and is able to generate a certain level of engagement for them.

Blogs Rule

Blogs are obviously influential for me to try new restaurants. And it looks like it’s the same with others. Most restaurant representatives I talked to shared that a big number of customers they surveyed discovered their places from blogs as well. Blogs rule! But if that’s the case, then that means the restaurants’ social media channels are not as effective. That shouldn’t be the case because blogs and bloggers for that matter are not part of their organization.

Restaurant Digital Marketing Conference

Good thing there’s the Restaurant Digital Marketing Conference happening on October 23, 2013 at Enderun Colleges. This is an opportunity for restauranteurs and everyone involved in restaurant marketing, including the digital guys to learn how to make those social media channels effective. Restauranteurs, digital strategists, online influencers and regional experts will be gathered together to deliver a good learning experience and participants make sense of all things digital for restaurants.  Restaurant Digital Marketing Conference 2013Hear the experts and learn from Don Anderson (Senior Vice President and Director of Regional Strategic Digital Integration at APAC), Jennifer Marquet (eCRM Director of Cash Cash Pinoy), Arthur Policarpio (Asia-Pacific Head of Mobext), Jonathan Joson (from Havas Media Ortega), Carlo Ople (Managing Director at DM9-DI9IT), Michael Rastas (Managing Director at, Abe Olandres (Country Head of Nuffnang Philippines), Rosario Juan (Social Media Strategist and Restaurant Owner), Ana de Ocampo (co-owner of Wildflour Café + Bakery) and PJ Lanot (co-owner of Pino Restaurant).

I would personally love to join even if I don’t have a restaurant. As a blogger tapped by some restaurants, I would love to know how I can be of help further in my partnership with them to promote their business further. To register, visit, send an email to [email protected] or call 927-0096 or 0928-506-5382.

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