Blogger to Influencer: Adapting to Change

Change, as they say, is constant. And it’s true in every aspect of life. When I started my career, I make it a point to learn new skills to grow and take on new challenges. And that’s the same as when I started as a legitimate blogger in 2010.

started blogging for personal purposesIn actuality, I started blogging in 2008. It was a personal blog that I started out as a hobby. Then I discovered that I can write newsworthy topics on my blog. That sparked my interest in blogging even more. I’m a frustrated journalist, so I found that opportunity as a channel to somehow fulfil my dream.

Little did I know that I’m going beyond personal blogging. The first event I attended was a tech event, the launch of a Smart TV. There I learned that I can actually earn from blogging. I was surprised! That prompted me to really do well in what I do.

Blogging in the Early Days

Back then, as a blogger tapped to write about businesses, products and services, the task was quite simple. I’d attend an event, take pictures, and write. It’s that simple. 

blogging was simple in early daysOf course, I didn’t stop there. I made sure that my blog has that professional look and was well-designed. I even bought my own domain and hosted it on the WordPress platform. The look and feel of my website evolved from having a simple layout to one that looked like a magazine.

I even learned WordPress so I can tweak my website further. I remembered attending an event. One of the organizer instantly recognized the name of my blog because they liked the site.

Social Media in Blogging

Pretty soon, I had to create a Facebook Page and a Twitter account for my blog. That’s because bloggers are expected to share their blogs on social media. Eventually, increasing social media followers became a goal.

I also had to explore other social media platforms to maximize the potential of bringing traffic to my blog. That includes Youtube, Pinterest, and Stumble Upon. 

As the social media landscape evolved, I started posting a mix of images, videos, and links. At one point, I even tried to boost some of my posts on Facebook to reach more people and potentially gain more followers.

Blogger to Influencer

With the advent of Instagram, Influencers was established. Initially, the social media platform was just one of the channels where bloggers can posts photos to promote blogs. As influencers became in demand, there’s no doubt that bloggers were somehow caught off guard and learn the ropes of becoming an influencer.

posting food photos on instagramThere’s no stopping the growing numbers of influencers. A lot of people seeks to take a slice of the pie because of the earnings potential. After all, if you play your cards right, the possibilities are endless. 

Influencer Marketing

Brands are tapping influencers for brand awareness and promote their products and services. It’s definitely more cost-effective than having a celebrity for endorsements. But businesses and their representatives should do their research on how to compensate influencers fairly.

influencer marketingIt really depends on the engagement that they want to happen with an influencer. Do your due diligence and research on the person you want to tap. A few years back, I read one agency in the USA saying that they stopped doing influencer marketing because they discovered that the ones they tapped are not truthful with their numbers.

That’s the danger of influencer marketing. Bad practices exist such as buying followers, using bots to increase engagement, and other similar ways to rig the system. That’s why it’s critical that businesses getting into this type of marketing are aware of the nitty-gritty so as not to fall into the pitfalls of influencer marketing.

Some of the PR companies I know would tap bloggers who are also influencers or has a good following on social media. This is a good idea since most firms have established a relationship already. 

On my end, I’d be tapped for blogging and would also post on social media. It’s my way of appreciating these businesses for trusting me, and at the same time, part of my efforts as a blogger-influencer.

Final Words

Influencers are here to stay, and so do bloggers. Both have a place in the digital marketing space. It all depends on what the businesses are trying to achieve. Some would opt for blogging because for as long as the website exists, that blog will most likely be found on the internet. As a matter of fact, I know having blogged about certain businesses which have eventually closed down.

The power of influencer marketing can not be underestimated as well. Although posts on social media are easily drowned out by other posts, it lives in the moment and serves its purpose as well. In the end, both bloggers and influencers should continue to evolve to be able to adapt to change.

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