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Bianca Gonzalez Bonds with Social Media

Bianca GonzalesBianca Gonzalez is not your regular celebrity. Yes, she is an influencer. She is not afraid to share her opinion. She endorses and tell stories. And she does all that effortlessly. Bianca bonds with social media.

She calls herself as a storyteller. She’s adept at using social media and is one of the most followed with 6.3 million followers on Twitter, 1.8 million followers on Instagram, and 2.7 million followers on her Facebook page. She has also put the power of social media to good use.

Her feed shows a mix of her family life with husband JC and their 21-month old daughter Lucia, her thoughts for the day, her home and travel tips, her observations on topics big and small. She is also known to post about issues that affect all of us: traffic, climate change, education, government, even food, beauty and or parenting.

Paano Ba To? How to Survive Growing Up by Bianca GonzalezSometimes she gets into a testy twitter exchange with netizens like when a twitter user tweeted: “So what if there is martial law?” An irked Bianca shared a video of martial law survivors who recounted their experiences on the regime. She admonished netizens not to joke about it, but also educates them on the difference of martial law then, and martial law now, under the 1987 Constitution. This, among many other topics she gets into, and sometimes gets into trouble with, all to share what she believes in.

Bianca Gonzalez previously worked with different organizations for her many advocacy, such as UNICEF for her work with children and early childhood education, and the Climate Change Commission to help spread awareness on environmental issues.

This woman is media savvy. Beyond social media, she also writes a column for the Lifestyle section of the Philippine Star, and is the best-selling author of the book “Paano Ba ‘To?! How To Survive Growing Up,” which was released in 2014, but is still being posted about and sold in select stores today.

It is in this sphere of influence that Bianca is a favorite, a respected figure among advertisers who seek her endorsement for their products. Visa, for one. Bianca is the first Philippine endorser of Visa. Recently the multinational company partnered with Bianca to tell stories of how cashless transactions benefit a consumer.

She was also recently launched as the first ever brand endorser of Sanicare, a mega brand that has been around for over two decades. She is also the face of Globe Telecom, Samsung Digital Appliances and Samsung TV (with husband JC Intal and Lucia), EQ Diaper and Johnson & Johnson (both with Lucia), and Glade. As one of the country’s most seasoned hosts, she currently is at the helm of the entertainment news program Cinema News on Cinema One, which has been running for 9 years now, and the lifestyle show Modern Living on ANC, which is starting its 8th season this September.

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Bianca Gonzales openly talks about lifeA few weeks ago, she was a speaker at the #ThinkPH forum organized by Rappler where Bianca shared some thoughts on the use of social media: “You have to ask yourself: what is the effect on you of the people you follow? When it feels overwhelming, take a step back and log off for a bit.” She also underscored the need for accountability and etiquette of social media users.

A lot of beautiful things are happening in Bianca’s life—from family life to career—and she is just extremely thankful. During our interview with her in a restaurant in Quezon City, Bianca shared that she’s very hands-on with her daughter. She shared that she would hurry to go home after work, a total opposite when she was still young where she would shop or go somewhere else.

Bianca Gonzales bonds with social mediaShe considers herself as a millenial mom, but despite that, she would still ask for people close to her when it comes to taking care of her baby. It’s surprising that she don’t even have technology as part of her becoming a mom. There are apps out there that she could use to help her out, but she didn’t.

Bianca Gonzalez is set to launch her very own Youtube channel which aims to answer questions about life in relation to her book “Paano Ba ‘To?! How To Survive Growing Up.” The author recalled that she invited people to send questions that she would personally answer. To her surprise, she received hundreds of email but noticed that some of the issues raised are the same.

This made her realize that we all go through similar situations, and the idea of creating a channel where everyone could learn from what she’s saying was born. She pointed out that if she’d answer an email, only that person would learn. It’s good to see a celebrity like Bianca Gonzalez being true to their intent of helping others. I’m sure this new project will bring her closer to social media. Bianca is managed by Asian Artists Agency. For inquiries email [email protected] or call tel: (02) 405 4423 or (02) 855 4765

Bianca Gonzalez Bonds with Social Media
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