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TCL Smart TVs launched

Better Watchtime at Home with Latest TCL Smart TVs and Aircons

TCL Marketing Director Mr Zhitao YuThe latest TCL Smart TVs and Aircons were showcased during a recent launch which makes watchtime at home better and more comfortable. Watching your favorite TV show, movie or video with family and friends is a great bonding moment. TCL wants you to level up on this experience with their latest offerings.

TCL takes smart entertainment to the next level with its latest C2, P3 and X3 TVs launched at the PBA Cafe in Metrowalk. During the launch, TCL, the official TV partner of the PBA, invited PBA Players Ranidel De Ocampo, Cyrus Baguio, and Raffy Reavis who each shared how they looked forward to regular TV time with their family.

PBA Player Ranidel De Ocampo at the TCL Launch

PBA Player Ranidel De Ocampo at the TCL Launch

“As much as I can, I join my kids when they’re watching TV. When our team has no game, or after our training, I make sure I spend time with my family even in watching TV together,” shared De Ocampo.

PBA Players graces the TCL LaunchAnd just like these PBA players, families can now enjoy more meaningful moments at home as TCL Multimedia, the world’s third largest TV manufacturer and leading QLED TV innovator, unveiled its latest mid-to-premium TCL Smart TVs from its global series.

The TCL smart TVs includes the Android M-powered 4K TV C2, the curved smart TV P3 and the premium Quantum Dot TV X3, all designed to take smart entertainment to the next level.

Cityline Series – C2

As the latest offering from TCL Cityline Series, C2 is powered by Android M which grants users with accesses to a broad range of content and functions including Google Play Store, Games, Music, Movie & TV, Chromecast built-in and Voice Search.

With Google Play Store, the users can search and install all Android apps for movies, shows, music and sports. Chromecast built-in enables the users to cast their favorite videos, games, and apps from their mobile devices, in full quality to the TV. Just one tap of the Cast button on the Android or iOS device is all that is needed to supersize the things they love.

TCL C2With Voice Search, users do not have to look through the complicated navigation bar or do any tiresome typing. They can simply let Google do it for them by giving instructions.

What’s more, C2 is bundled with Netflix—the world’s leading streaming video service provider. This Netflix application delivers TV episodes and movies up to 4K on TCL TV for the best experience anywhere, anytime. With the Netflix membership, customers can instantly watch thousands of TV episodes & movies on C2. TCL has even put an exclusive “Netflix” button on the C2 remote, which directs users to the Netflix world with just one click. Another “T” button on the remote directs users to content express, where TV channels and internet content are perfectly integrated for users to discover what they want instantly. With YouTube, users can see what the world is watching as well.

C2 also delivers a stunning viewing experience with HDR Pro, Wide Color Gamut (WCG), 4K UHD and Micro Dimming technologies. The device was designed for studio-like audio effect with front-facing Harman Kardon speakers. Dolby Audio and Smart Volume lift the C2’s audio experience to the next level.

C2 is available in the 75, 55, and 49 inch models.

Popular Series – P3

P3, the Full HD Curved Smart TV, offers a wide viewing angle and Natural Light Engine 2.0 to reduce consumer eye strain. P3’s 4000R curved screen provides a more comfortable watching experience and can drastically reduce eye-strain for it allows users to watch TV at the same distance from any angle.

It also supports Full HD, which provides 2 times the clarity of standard HD TVs, and come with TCL’s latest technology of LED backlight that can greatly enhance the color gamut and dynamic contrast ratio to deliver the true colors. Meanwhile, this is one of the TCL Smart TVs equipped with the Natural Light Engine 2.0 which can further improve the accuracy of backlight adjustment and therefore reduce the stimulation and harm to the users’ eyes.

TCL P3The design of speakers on TCL P3 is also unique. Differing from the conventional design of downward-facing speakers, the P3 carries front-facing speakers with Dolby Audio, which delivers crystal clarity, easy-to-hear dialogue, great detail, and realistic surround sound to make the entertainment users love even better. TCL’s Smart Volume also automatically adjust programming volume thus eliminating sudden sound fluctuations typically experienced when switching channels or when commercials air.

The P3 also comes with the TCL App Store, which provides over 300 applications ranging from video-on-demand, social, gaming and music to photo sharing, which makes it a truly Smart TV. The P3 is available in 49 inch model.

Award-winning XESS Series – X3

X3 is the latest Quantum Dot models added to the premium XESS series. This is one of the few TVs with industry leading Quantum Dot (QD) display technology available in the market. Picture quality is highly enhanced by HDR Pro and Micro Dimming technologies. X3 feature a studio-level audio experience with Harman Kardon speakers and Dolby Audio.

TCL X3 Smart TVThe X3’s aspirational design fuses minimalism from Nordic influences and exquisite details from the East, creating a new aesthetic for TV devices. The devices are sleek and ultra slim with edgeless display. The X3 has a body of 6.9mm curved body. Also one of the TCL Smart TVs that’s powered by Android M, consumers can easily access different Google apps and content from Netflix, GoLive and YouTube. X3 are available in 65 inch model in the initial launch.

With the newest TCL smart TVs, families can enjoy high quality sound, picture and the next level smart TV experience – making watchtime at home more fun and more meaningful for everyone!

TCL Airconditioning system launchedBut that’s not all. The home appliance manufacturer also wants you to be comfortable while at home. Along with the latest TCL smart TVs, the company also unveiled the latest air conditioning systems – the R410a Air Conditioners series and the new line of Inverter Air Conditioners with Mosqui-Go.

R410a Air Conditioners

Help Save the Environment with Style and in Comfort with TCL’s Newest Series of R410a Air Conditioners. TCL, as one of the leading home appliances manufacturer globally, introduces its “Comfort without Compromise” campaign geared towards providing cooling comfort for every family without compromising health and environmental safety through continuous product development and innovation.

TCL F Series (Remote)TCL’s latest series of R410a air conditioners is its response to the emerging ozone depletion problems. The TCL F Series Window Type air conditioners are the newest addition to TCL’s premium selection of TitanGold air conditioners. Unlike its preceding series, the F Series is more environmental friendly since it employs the use of R410a refrigerant. R410a has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP), which means it poses no harm towards the Earth’s ozone layer.TCL F Series (Manual)

KE Inverter Split Type Air Conditioner Series

This new series of TCL inverter air conditioner will surely leave you singing “bye-bye, bites!” Part of TCL’s TitanGold air conditioner collection, the KE Inverter Split Type Airconditioner series addresses the mosquito issues at home.

With the countless dengue cases and other numerous mosquito-borne diseases recorded in the country each year, TCL aims to offer alternative solutions to address these problems through continuous product development and innovation. Among its latest innovation is its new line of inverter air conditioners.

TCL Ke SeriesTCL’s KE Series comes with the Mosqui-Go feature, a mosquito repellent function on top of its standard inverter features. This revolutionary technology utilizes a built-in ultrasonic mosquito repelling device, proven to be effective in keeping mosquitoes away. Similar to its basic inverter line features, the KE Series boasts of high-quality Full 5D DC components that employ the use of magnetic force in varying the rotation speed of the compressor. This provides a precise method of maintaining the set temperature, which in turn, effectively reduces power consumption by up to 60–70% at an optimal temperature setting.

TCL Smart TVs launchedWatchtime at home is definitely better with the latest TCL Smart TVs and Aircons. Being at home and living comfortably while watching your favorite show is definitely a pleasure with the latest from TCL. For additional details about these home appliances, visit Smart TVs launched


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