Belkin Accessories for New Gen iPhones at Power Mac Center

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Power Mac Center Brand Ambassadors Rovilson Fermandez and Sam YG talks about the new Belkin accessories
Power Mac Center Brand Ambassadors Rovilson Fermandez and Sam YG talks about the new Belkin accessories

Belkin accessories for iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X, were recently introduced at Power Mac Center. These accessories — the Belkin TrueClear Pro 2.0 Overlay and the Belkin Wireless Charging Pad — will make your tech lifestyle even better. Why so? Because these products will allow you to continue doing what you do without concern of breaking your phone or finding those pesky cables.

Because our lives are interwoven with technology, we can’t afford not to have our mobile phones on hand. This is especially true for me, as an entrepreneur, freelancer, and blogger. With the iPhone, I’m able to do virtually everything that I need to get things done. Aside from using it as a communication device, I’m able to get work done on it. I can blog, create content such as social graphics, videos. I pay bills, and even pay my staff.

Belkin Philippines Country Manager Victor Reyes talks about Belkin and other products
Belkin Philippines Country Manager Victor Reyes talks about Belkin and other products

Yes, my iPhone is such a reliable device. I can’t afford to break it, so I have to take extra care not to drop it. I also bring 2 to 3 powerbanks with me when I’m not home so I have enough juice when I’m up and about in the metro. With the new Belkin accessories, I’m sure I can make my phone work harder like I do by giving it the protection it needs. It’ll keep my iPhone in its peak performance.

Belkin TrueClear Pro 2Just like me, I’m sure that as soon as you get your hands on your new iPhone, you give it additional screen protection. If you take your iPhone everywhere, you never know when an accident will happen. Better shed a few bucks on screen protector than pay thousands to fix a cracked screen. Fair warning, the sound of glass smashing on concrete is heartbreaking, to say the least.

Belkin TrueClear Pro installation machine applicator at Power Mac Center
Belkin TrueClear Pro installation machine applicator ensures that the tempered glass is installed properly – no bubbles, no misalignment

One of the accessories introduced is the new Belkin TrueClear Pro 2.0 Overlay (Corning glass or Tempered glass). It provides the protection by keeping your iPhone screen scratch-free and provides it extra protection from drops without sacrificing its premium look and touchscreen sensitivity. No need to worry about misalignment, bubbles, and dust because at Power Mac Center, it is applied by a trained professional using the proprietary Belkin applicator machine.

A demo of Belkin TrueClear Pro installation
A demo of Belkin TrueClear Pro installation

Another accessories for the iPhone 8, iPhone Plus, and iPhone X is the Belkin Wireless Charging Pad. With these chargers, you no longer have to worry about having to look for your cables. You just lay your phone onto the charging pad and go. You don’t even have to remove your phone case as Belkin’s wireless charger works through most lightweight plastic cases.

Belkin Wireless Chargers now available at PMC
Belkin Wireless Chargers now available at PMC

The secret to these wireless charging accessories? Electromagnetic induction. When the signal generated by the transmitter coil in the charging base senses the one in the receiver coil of the iPhone, the electrons inside the transmitter coil start to flow around it. This generates a magnetic field, which is sensed by the electrons in the receiver coil. The electrons trapped inside the receiver coil then start to flow around it and generate electricity, which eventually powers the battery in your iPhone.

An iPhone on top of a Belkin Wireless Charger
An iPhone placed on top of a Belkin Wireless Charger

But hey, you really have to use cables, especially when you’re outside and have no access to a power supply. The Belkin MIXIT DuraTek beats most lightning cable-related problems such as fraying and breakage. Its double-braided nylon outer covering protects the wires, which are especially reinforced with Kevlar, the same high-strength synthetic fiber used in bullet-resistant vests, helmets, and extreme sports gear. However demanding your work routine, the DuraTek can withstand bends and common stresses. More importantly, you are assured of the safety of your device as it is Apple MFi Certified.

Belkin Mixit DuratekAll these Belkin accessories – the Belkin TrueClear Pro 2.0 Overlay (starts at Php1,090), Belkin Wireless Charging Pad (starts at Php1,690), and Belkin MIXIT DuraTek (starts at Php 1,690) – are now available in select Power Mac Center stores nationwide. “For as long as Filipinos rely on their iPhones for work, Power Mac Center (PMC) and our premium partners like Belkin will keep finding ways to bring technology that improves lives and keeps us connected to things important to us,” said Power Mac Center Marketing Director Joey Alvarez.

Belkin Accessories Price List
Belkin Accessories Price List

Power Mac Center is the pioneer in offering the entire Apple ecosystem in the Philippines. It has since evolved into a lifestyle shopping destination bringing the finest in premium accessories from exclusive audio devices, to sleek cases and the latest enhancements. Whether you’re into business, creativity, fashion, fitness, or adventure, there’s a perfect product in store for you.

At the launch of new Belkin accessories at PMC RockwellI’m really happy that Belkin accessories are now available at Power Mac Center. The Apple premium reseller has been my go-to store for all things Apple. Now I don’t have to visit other stores when looking for Belkin products. More details are available at the website and official social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube (@powermaccenter).

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