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Real Positivity with EcoParadise Products at Hotel H20’s Zenyu Ecospa

EcoParadise Products at Hotel H20 Zenyu EcoSpa

Positivity — an optimist’s mantra. But at Hotel H20’s Zenyu EcoSpa, there are products that promotes negative to eliminate the positive and get a positive effect. These are EcoParadise products, directly imported from Japan — cushion pads, bed sheets, pads, plastic wares, ceramics, and a detergent powder. How can one get a positive effect from these seemingly ordinary products? Through negative ions. An ion, as Wikipedia puts it is an atom or molecule. It is something that we take in everyday, from everything. Our body reacts to the air we breath, the food we eat, the place we move in and the life we live in. These are filled with positive ions that causes toxins in our body. These causes an imbalance in our body, resulting to sickness, including cancer. That word, cancer, always strikes a chord in my heart because my mom suffered cancer and died in 2005. To ...

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Enchong Dee Graces the Cover of Men’s Health Magazine the Second Time

The world’s largest men’s magazine, Men’s Health Philippine edition’s April issue features former competitive swimmer turned actor Enchong Dee on it’s cover with an accompanying article inside. This is the 2nd time that the StarMagic talent is being featured in the magazine. He was last seen on the cover of Summit Media’s publication September of 2010. We had a chance to go up close and personal with the 23-year old actor at the press conference last March 25 which was held at the atrium of Glorietta 5. Jeman Villanueva of Orange Magazine TV remembered the first time Dee was first featured and noted that the actor’s shots for the said pictorial were all shirtless. The second time was a total opposite as the cover photo as well as the ones in the article showed him full clothed. The online magazine editor clarified to which Enchong Dee was quick to point ...

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Extra Care for Your Skin this Summer with Sunblock

The City Roamer Goes To Potipot Island

Despite the rains, there’s no denying that summer is here. With that comes all the activities with family, friends, colleagues and what-have-you. Summertime is fun time indeed! I love going to the beach and frolic under the sun, even if get dark skin or worst, sunburn. It happens once in a while, so I really care less. But I became conscious about skin care under the sun when a friend handed me a bottle of sunblock in one of our beach outing. She shared more that made me realized the need to provide extra care for skin during summer, and sunblock is the answer. One of the sunblock products I came across in the market lately is Ultra ScreenMD Sunblock. It’s the latest skin protection product from Kohl Industries Corporation that can help you stay protected against the harmful effects of excessive exposure to the sun. Sunburn and getting darker ...

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NIVEA Philippines Launches NIVEA for Men Multi-Effect 8 Products

Growing in a female-dominated family, I learned to used skin care products at an early age. Astringent was one of those I applied on my face which became frequent in my adolescence in an attempt to eliminate pimples. In those days, all skin care products are marketed for women. It was only recently that we are seeing the growth of products for men. Last week, NIVEA Philippines introduced their line of products with the Multi-Effect 8 benefits to a group of bloggers. I have been using the brand’s facial wash and lotion. I was partial to their whitening variant for that extra SPF protection, plus the hope of regaining the fairness that I possess in my younger days (I wish). Last August 23rd, I joined other bloggers for the NIVEA for Men Multi-Effect 8 Challenge at the 360 Fitness Center in Makati. The event included a glimpse to the gym’s circuit ...

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Be Visible with Clarity

We live in a competitive world. We all know that to achieve our goals, we have to make it happen. In our career, we don’t just work hard but we make it a point that we get noticed. We show that we are competent in what we do and are capable of doing more. This way, our level of influence increases and we become more visible. But sometimes, we get in the way of our own progress. Despite all efforts, our attitudes, personality or even confidence inhibits us to really stand out above the rest. To succeed, we need to be clearly visible. We need to show the world we live in that we have what it takes and that message must be conveyed with clarity. Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Clinic, a house of professional beauty and dental transformations, acknowledges this fact. This has prompted the company to launch ...

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The Fight Against the Big C

Last night I received an email from a customer. She apologized for taking time to get back to me and pay for the remaining balance of her order. She shared that she was diagnosed with breast cysts. I was saddened by the news. These kind of information affects me greatly because my mother also went through a similar ordeal. Mom at work In the late 90s, my mom felt a lump in her right breast. As the breadwinner in our family, she ignored it for sometime then decided to have a check up at the East Avenue Medical Center. But the first time was not such a pleasant experience. She was told that she has to be re-examined. Just like everybody else, she was worried. Worried about the results, but I think even more worried that she had to skip work. The doctor’s reply scared her away and the test ...

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