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Baste Duterte Leads TV5 Reality Travel Show LAKBAI

LAKBAIPresidential son Baste Duterte leads the cast of TV5’s reality travel show “LAKBAI.” Joining him is Youtube sensation Bogart the Explorer who is also from Davao. Lakbai is short for “Lakaw ta, bai!” which means “Lakad tayo, kaibigan” or as I understand it in our dialect, “Alis tayo, kaibigan.”

Lakbai promises to be a one of a kind TV show that takes the viewers  on a tour of some of the most picturesque spots in the Philippines with Baste, Bogart and their friends. Completing the travel gang are three of Baste’s closest friends: Atty.  Alexis Lumbatan, a lawyer by profession and a jokester at heart, S’boi Malicay, the cool bro who keeps the mood light  and Andrei Apostol, creative guy and designated videographer.

The Cast of Lakbai

The Cast of Lakbai

This 8-week special is about a group of bros who find the best places to have a travel adventure. It brings together a set of adventurers bonded by their spirit of fun and love of  travel.  The show will make the audience see the Philippines in a whole new light.  In every episode, the hosts will explore a  location and participate in local activities that would leave them feeling a connection with that place.

TV5 CEO Chot Reyes

TV5 CEO Chot Reyes welcomes everyone at the Lakbai presscon

This reality adventure show is in Bisaya as well as Tagalog. And for the first time ever, viewers will get to discover the adventurous side of Baste and see more of his personality as he interacts with the local people they meet. Asked why he opted to join showbiz through a reality travel show, Baste pointed out that when the show was pitched to him, it feels like he won’t be doing work at all.

Baste Duterte leads Lakbai on TV5Indeed, when you love traveling and you’re doing it with your best buds, work won’t feel work at all. It’ll be lots of fun, and if you want to tag along, there’s a chance for that to happen. On Lakbai’s Facebook Page, they posted something that encourages people to join the show:

It’ll be awesome to tag along. I’m interested in watching the TV show to determine which one to include on my bucket list, especially when they shared during the presscon that they will be featuring places not commonly visited in the Philippines. This I definitely got to see.

Bogart The Explorer joins Baste Duterte and friendsLet’s all find out what travel destinations the group will go while also getting to know Baste Duterte like never before. If the presscon is any indication, Baste will be his usual self which is very non-showbiz just like his dad. Catch Baste Duterte, Bogart the Explorer and friends in the TV5’s new reality adventure show, Lakbai.

Lakbai logoMake sure you’re booked for the Lakbai starting May 21, 2017, Sunday after the PBA! It looks like we’re in for a back-to-back exciting entertainment on TV5.

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