Baked Fried Chicken at Stackers Burger Cafe

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I wasn’t able to go out during the long weekend because of the many tasks I had to accomplish at home. After successfully completing all those, I wanted to reward myself with good food. Last Thursday, I found myself at Stackers Burger Cafe in Eastwood City.

Stackers Burger Cafe Eastwood


It was my first time at this restaurant. As the name suggests, their main offerings are burgers. But what caught my attention was their Baked Fried Chicken, with 80% less oil. I was intrigued; it was the first time that I heard this kind of cooking. I gave it a try and had their 2 pieces variant with fries. They do offer the meal with rice and is also available in one piece meal.

Stackers Burger Cafe - Strawberry Lemonade Float


While I wait for my order, I sipped on Strawberry Lemonade Float. It was a perfect cooler on a hot day, with indulgence on the side. When the Baked Fried Chicken finally arrived, I immediately grabbed a piece. I felt that the pieces are on the smaller side, but I realized that the breading that coated the chicken is not that thick. That’s actually a good thing because other restaurants prefer to have thick coating of breading so customers would think they’re getting bigger pieces of chicken. As for the oil, I immediately noticed that the food is not greasy at all. I’d like to believe that the restaurant’s claim of 80% less oil is true. In other fastfood chains, the oil would ooze out of the chicken when pinching or tearing it apart. That’s not the case with Stackers.

Stackers Burger Cafe - Baked Fried Chicken


Instead of oil, the chicken meat’s juices oozed out. And as I bite into it, I experienced the juiciness and tenderness of the chicken. That’s very interesting; I’m sure they employ a unique cooking method to make this possible. I didn’t even have to put gravy on it. It’s a perfect treat, even for those who are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Stackers - Tender and Juicy Baked Fried Chicken

In addition to good food and drinks, one also gets to dine in a nice ambience that’s a total departure from fastfood joints. Visit Stackers Burger Cafe in Eastwood, Venice Piazza, Resorts World, Alabang Town Center or Promenade, Greenhills for your Baked Fried Chicken.

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