Backroom Inc Launches its Social Media Portal

Backroom Social Media PortalAs it celebrates 25 years in the entertainment industry, Backroom Inc launches its social media portal. The exclusive event held last November 25, dubbed Backroom 25 on 25 was held at the Astoria Chardonnay in Pasig City and was graced by the artists managed by the talent company founded by award-winning host Boy Abunda. Marielle Rodriguez-Padilla, Drew Arellano and Bianca Gonzales were present to host the event. Sitti Navarro, K Brosas and Pooh provided entertainment for everyone. Actresses Dawn Zulueta, Gelli de Belen and Aiko Melendez were present. Newscasters and couple Tin  Tin Bersola-Babao and Julius Babao were also at the event.

Backroom Inc Social Media Portal

Backroom Artists Marielle Rodriguez-Padilla, Drew Arellano and Bianca Gonzales hosting Backroom 25 on 25
Backroom Artists Marielle Rodriguez-Padilla, Drew Arellano and Bianca Gonzales hosting Backroom 25 on 25

The portal connects the public to their favorite Backroom artists in their different social media accounts. The celebrities’ accounts is in sync with Backroom’s social media portal. But what makes the Backroom social media portal different from the rest of entertainment portal is that each Backroom artists have their own domain name.

When visiting Backroom Inc.’s social media portal at, fans can chat or interact with their favorite artists, get live updates and find out what they do off cam. As the website builds up, there will be a Video Archive Section for the video clips and concert snippets, the Photo Gallery Section for the artists new pictorials and the latest in fashion, and even a Marketplace Section where stars and fans can share/exchange/buy old and new stuff.

Boy Abunda on Backroom Social Media PortalBoy Abunda at the Backroom 25 on 25 eventBackroom, Inc. was established in 1989 by Boy Abunda. Since its inception, the talent management company has established itself as one of the country’s most successful companies in artist booking and career management, public relations, promotions, multi-media publicity, and concert production. In 2012, Backroom entered a new phase when Mr Abunda relinquished his position as President and Managing Director of the company and handed over the reins to his five senior employees.

To keep up with the changing times, Backroom, Inc. has also evolved in its field of specialization by opening its doors to special projects like product launch, events management conceptualization and staging, and movie production. The move definitely enabled the company to showcase more of it’s capabilities and talents.Sitti Navarro performing at the Backroom 25 on 25 event

Its stellar league of talents include Gretchen Barretto, Dawn Zulueta, Bianca Gonzalez, Julius Babao, Karen Davila, Amy Perez, Sitti Navarro, Gelli de Belen, Drew Arellano, Mariel Rodriguez, Tintin Bersola-Babao, K Brosas, Aiko Melendez, Ariel Rivera, Pooh, Ima Castro, Dominic Ochoa, Direk GB Sampedro, Arnold Reyes, Duncan Ramos, Mauro Lumba, Benj Bolivar, Carlo Sawit, PJ Go, Kaye Chua, Avery Paraiso, Jennica Ollero, Junnel Manansala, AiAi delas Alas, and Boy Abunda.

These artists are just a few of Backroom Inc’s impressive line up that has made a mark in their respective careers in the entertainment industry. Whether you’re a fan or a representative of an organization who needs their services, you can now connect with them as Backroom Inc launches its social media platform. Visit, call (02) 9280717 or email [email protected]

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