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Asia United BankAsia United Bank (AUB) is bringing in more options for cashless transactions, whether it’s for saving money, sending money, or making payments. With AUB HelloMoney and AUB Payment Botty, you can now do banking and online transactions at safety and convenience of your home.

Cashless transactions is growing in the Philippines and it’s became more popular during the pandemic. Since 2020, we’ve all been making payments for food deliveries and online shopping using debit and credit cards more often. Financial institutions responded to the needs of the people by making it even easier to get a debit card with just one ID. 

AUB HelloMoney

Asia United Bank’s HelloMoney is actually an e-wallet that allows account holders to manage, send, and receive money using mobile phones. It’s actually a prepaid bank account which can hold up to Php 200,000. This bank account has no maintaining balance and will not become dormant if users opt not to use for a long time.

This is good news for those who are not capable of maintaining a bank account which usually requires a maintaining balance of Php2,000 or higher. This has been a challenge for most Filipinos. I personally experienced such difficulty of maintaining my bank account before because of the large sum of money that must remain in the account every month.

AUB HelloMoneyåThe good thing about the AUB HelloMoney is that you can open an account through the mobile app and submit just one ID such as a passport, a UMID, driver’s license or other government ID. It doesn’t require an initial deposit, so you don’t have to worry if you don’t have money now.

After following the instructions from the app, you will have to wait for an email to inform you if your application has been approved. From my experience, it only took 1 day after opening a HelloMoney account and I already got a notification that my application has been approved.

What Can You Do with an AUB HelloMoney?

Upon approval of your HelloMoney application, you can start depositing money to the account tap & click. Once logged in to the app, you can access your virtual mastercard that can be used as a debit card for cashless payments. You can also use the app for buying load, fund transfer or pera padala, bills payment, or cashless payments via QR Code. It will make your cashless life a breeze. Download the app from the App Store or Play Store. Click this link for more info.

AUB PayMate Botty

AUB PayMateAUB PayMate is a payment solution that the bank developed in 2018. It initially aimed to bring Filipino businesses, large and small, closer to the Chinese tourists coming in the Philippines. It’s a technology that allows Chinese customers to make payments using their mobile phones. 

During that time, Chinese travelers are the second highest visitors in the country. Businesses with AUB PayMate can simply show a QR Code to customers and facilitate the cashless transactions using WeChat Pay, a popular e-wallet in China.

AUB Paymate BottyWith the limitations of travel that pandemic has imposed in the business, it’s time to pivot to the new normal. The AUB PayMate Botty is a great way to do just that. Instead of Chinese, why not target the Filipino consumers who are now familiar and confident with cashless transactions?

AUB Paymate Botty BenefitsThe AUB PayMate Botty is a chat bot that businesses can use to facilitate transactions on social media such as Facebook, Messenger, and Viber. Customers can browse the products on the web, a Facebook page, or through chats, and finish the transaction using the payment option available.

AUB Paymate Botty Types of PaymentsIntegrating the chat bot solution in businesses is a great way to capture the market who are tech-savvy who would love to tap and click and make online transactions. There’s no need for a physical store which means the cost of doing business is a lot cheaper. Do you need more information about AUB PayMate Botty? Visit the AUB website link:

Final Words

Tap and Click Virtual Forum with AUB via Zoom - Photo by MoneySense
AUB Executive Vice President for IT and Operations Mr Wilfredo Rodriguez Jr (middle) and AUB First Vice President and Cards & Acquiring Business Group Head Mags Surtida talked about the AUB products as facilitated by MoneySense

Learning about the AUB HelloMoney and PayMate Botty at the Tap & Click with AUB Forum by MoneySense showed that the bank is responding to the needs of the market. With more than 200 branches nationwide, AUB depositors will be able to take advantage of these products and services. Filipinos looking for an alternative channel for cashless transactions will find AUB’s offerings worth considering and start tapping and clicking their phones for cashless transactions.

Note: Images were captured from AUB Website

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  1. Wow tlga nman the best ang AUB Cashless transactions is growing in the Philippines and it’s became more popular during the pandemic . Thank you for sharing this ❤️

  2. Impressive. This is very convenient. No initial deposit or maintaining balance, and easy application. I like that it makes cashless transaction easier and more accessible.

  3. AUB Paymate Botty BenefitsThe AUB PayMate Botty is a chat bot that businesses can use to facilitate transactions on social media such as Facebook, Messenger, and Viber. Customers. wow this is very informative and very helpful thank you for sharing.

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