Airspeed Makes It Happen for E-Commerce Businesses with the New E-Fulfilment Service Offers

The Philippines’ e-commerce industry has grown tremendously during the pandemic era and is projected to continue burgeoning well into the future. As the e-Commerce market develops, it becomes more and more apparent that the demand for fulfillment solutions has evolved to the point where it is now one of the most critical features of the e-Commerce business.

In what is fast becoming a highly crowded and competitive e-commerce market, logistics has become a key factor in the success of e-commerce companies. That is why it’s crucial for them to establish a partnership with an excellent end-to-end logistics solutions provider, like Airspeed.

Airspeed is one of the country’s largest corporate logistics companies and has been a partner of businesses and individuals for 37 years. And now, it added a new service to its current roster: the e-Fulfillment service.E-fulfillment is one of the new services of Airspeed

Airspeed’s e-fulfillment is a customized service for e-Commerce companies that eases their burden in ensuring that items ordered online can be stored safely, picked up, delivered within a guaranteed timetable, and even returned to the seller for item replacement. Business owners can also choose to get a full end-to-end service from Airspeed or just choose the services they need. This service is perfect for the Christmas season when e-Commerce businesses are gearing up for high volumes of online orders.

Here are Airspeed’s e-Fulfilment services that e-Commerce companies can opt for:

  • Ambient or temperature-controlled storage solutions for products;
  • Efficient monitoring of items to ensure quality before shipping;
  • Inventory management to secure real-time availability of products; and
  • Customized requests like packing, labeling, barcoding, bundling, kitting, and packing inserts

To complete the fulfillment process, Airspeed can also be the last mile delivery courier for e-Commerce companies and guarantee that customers will receive their items with utmost care. Moreover, in case of returned or canceled items, they can trust Airspeed to bring their products back to their pick-up points via its return to sender service.

Airspeed is the expert and a reliable partner when it comes to logistics needs. Businesses can customize their logistics solutions based on any e-Commerce company or business requirement. Interested clients may contact Airspeed through their Facebook page or email them at [email protected] for inquiries.

Truly, businesses can always count on Airspeed as their partner in making their business grow.. because in Airspeed, they will ensure to make it happen.

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