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A Taste of Western European Dishes at Ginger Cafe Bistro

A few weeks ago I experienced a taste of Western European dishes at Ginger Café Bistro. This newly opened restaurant is located in Clarkfield, Angeles City. Yep, that’s a long drive away from Manila. But should you decide to dine at Ginger Café Bistro, especially when you’re on a trip and is in the area, you won’t be disappointed. Don’t be misled. Although the restaurant’s street sign says Ginger’s Coffee & Deli, this is actually Ginger’s Cafe Bistro. Read on for my restaurant and food review.

Hip Ambiance

Upon entry, I noticed the hip ambiance of the restaurant. It has a modern feel to it and can be intimidating because of its posh look. It’s small, making every dining experience intimate.

I love the large photos hanging on the wall, the wooden chairs and tables, the placemats, and the couch in one corner. They all complement each other, giving off a hip ambiance that diners will surely love.  I just wish there’s at least 2 sets of couches in there.

Delicious Food

Ginger’s Garden Salad (Php270)

As soon as we’re settled down, we were served Ginger’s Garden Salad. The bistro’s signature salad has romaine lettuce, arugula, romain curly endive, sun-dried tomato, candied walnuts and grapes in strawberry ginger dressing. I really enjoyed this salad because of its sweet and sour taste that played in my mouth. I love the the crispy veggies and enjoyed the sun-dried tomatoes. The candied walnuts gave every bite a character. The winner here is the strawberry ginger dressing that I’m sure will work well in any kind of salad.

Spinach Omelet Sashimi (Php170)

We were also served the Spinach Omelet Sashimi. It’s a mixture of egg and spinach, served uniquely. It’s soft and fluffy. However, it didn’t really wowed me.

Fusilli Napolitana Pasta with European Ham on the side followed suit. The pasta dish uses spiral pasta with sautéed tomato, garlic, onion, chopped parsley tossed in tomato sauce. I lean towards the more Italian-flavored pasta and this one is not much like it because it’s a bit sweet. I’m not saying that it’s bad though. I’m sure others would love this dish because of that.

European Ham (Php190) and Fusilli Napolitana Pasta (Php145)

I enjoyed the European Ham sandwich. The romaine lettuce, Spanish salami, Serrano ham, tomato, onion and cheddar cheese held together by a Baguette is perfect. I love the flavor and the juiciness on every bite.

Lemon Ginger Chicken (Php450)

I thought the pasta and sandwich combo serving was our main dish. I was wrong as Ginger Café Bistro’s pride – the Lemon Ginger Chicken – was served. It’s not the most appetizing dish as far as presentation is concerned, but it really tasted good. The chicken dish is marinated in lemon and ginger with special herbs and spices, then baked. I think though that the cooking might have taken longer than it should be because the juiciness is lacking. It’s pricey too, but with the serving size, it can be shared by up to 3 people.

After savoring all the dishes, I was so full that I had to stand. When New York Cheesecake and Bluleberry Cheesecake were served, I had to give up on the opportunity. Cheesecakes are really my favorites but I can’t take another bite anymore. I’m pretty sure the Cheesecakes were great because I got to taste some of their pastry that we brought home and they’re delicious!

Ginger Café Bistro Verdict

Whether you reside in the area or on the road looking for a good place to eat, have a taste of Western European dishes at Ginger Café Bistro. It’s worth a visit. Make sure to order their Ginger’s Garden Salad, European Ham and cakes or pastries. These are really good! I plan to visit this restaurant again if I get a chance and order their other foods, and review them again.

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