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A Beautiful Movie: X-Men First Class

I’ve watched all the X-Men movie franchise and I enjoyed them all. Who wouldn’t? It has all the elements of a superhero film with all the fight scenes and special effects. But when I watched X-Men: First Class recently, I’d say it’s beautiful and it’s my favorite X-Men movie to date.

The movie is the 4th of the movie franchise. It’s a prequel retelling the early beginnings of X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants. The movie started on Magneto and Professor X’s lives as kids in 1944. Both had totally opposite lives – the young Magneto coming from a concentration camp in Poland, and Charles Xavier shown living in a New York mansion.
Eighteen years later, the lead characters paths have crossed due to certain turn of events. And this is where the movie starts to get lovely. Sure, the fight scenes are there along with the special effects. But what made the movie beautiful is because it showed the emotions and motives behind the actions, not only of present-day Magneto, but of Mystique and the Beast — two characters who’s been visible in all installments.

I loved how these mutants with superpowers initially struggled with their abilities; and how they fought to hide their real identities because they were different. I enjoyed how the story did not capitalize on the characters’ powers and attitudes as superheroes/super villains. All throughout, the movie felt serene. It’s like a feel-good movie. The actors did a great job playing their characters too. Michael Fassbender did a great job playing Erick Lenssher who struggled to decide between good and evil. Kevin Bacon, playing as Sebastian Shaw, is in his usual good self acting as a villain. James McAvoy also did great in his role as the thick-haired Professor X.

I haven’t read the comic book series and am not aware of how it all started. I only got to watch X-Men as an animated series, then the movies. Learning more about how it all began is a welcome treat. The story line is definitely a good way to change the direction and start anew. As I read somewhere, the producers are planning to have a trilogy. With that in mind, I think the 2nd part will also be on the same level of interest.

If you haven’t, you better go see this movie. I’m glad I did. My only regret is that I watched it at the SM Cinema. Although they claim that Cinema 1 is digital, the sound was not very good. It felt flat compared to maybe had I watched it at the Cineplex of Gateway Mall. Or maybe I was just expecting too much.

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At any rate, the movie is still shown all over the metro. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Get back here to share your experience. If you watched it already, share your thoughts below.


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  1. well Emma Frost is so hot her….. hihi

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