6 Reasons Why Online Sellers Should Use EasyShop.PH

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EasyShop.Ph Sellers Night
EasyShop.Ph Sellers Night

Eager to learn more about the newest online seller portal, I attended the EasyShop.PH sellers’ night last Saturday. It was a well-attended event where I got to meet fellow bloggers, online sellers and executives. It was also a great opportunity to learn more about the processes involved in using EasyShop.PH which will soon be officially launched in June. With that, I share the 6 reasons why online sellers should use EasyShop.PH to expand their business.

EasyShop Selling Advantages Explained at the Seller's Night
EasyShop Selling Advantages Explained

Free Advertising – Yep, EasyShop.PH plans to aggressively advertise online. They mentioned Google and Facebook as just two of the websites they intend to capitalize on for the online selling portal’s exposure. That’s free advertising for online sellers. To top that, advertising is targeted to the right audience. Let’s admit it, advertising on television, radio and print is not much effective anymore.

Easy Registration – Signing up for an online seller account with EasyShop.PH is easy. Just fill out the registration details, verify your email to start selling. You will only be required to enter your bank account details when you start posting online. The bank account information is needed so that your earnings can be transferred to your account. There’s no need to submit any government requirements such as DTI registration or other documentation.

Convenient – EasyShop.Ph will soon have an app in iOS or Android platform. This is very convenient as you can update your posting or create a new one on the go using a smartphone.

EasyShop.PH website and navigation explained at the Sellers' Night
EasyShop.PH website and navigation explained

Lower Fees – Upon launch in June until September, EasyShop.PH won’t charge anything for successful transactions. The shopping portal will charge 3% for each successful transactions, and that’s relatively low when compared to PayPal which charges 4.4% + 15.00Php for every transaction.

More Shipping Option – Because the online selling portal is not involved in shipping purchased items made through EasyShop.PH, sellers can choose the most affordable shipping option available to them. In my case, I can switch between two courier companies that I have been using depending on where the item will be shipped.

More Payment Options – When selling online, I only offer PayPal, GCash and bank deposit through BPI as payment options. EasyShop.PH has partnered with DragonPay, PayPal, BDO, BPI and Metrobank. Other non-banking options include 7-Eleven and Bayad Center. That means customers can choose the most convenient payment option to them.

EasyShop President and CEO Nelson Liao during the EasyShop Sellers Night
EasyShop President and CEO Nelson Liao during the EasyShop.PH Sellers Night

Indeed, the latest online shopping portal to hit the market offers a lot of promise that online sellers should use EasyShop.PH. I really hope that this service will succeed in meeting the needs of small businesses like mine. E-Commerce has yet to reach it’s fullest potential in the Philippines. I really hope a big chunk of online shoppers will be tapped through

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