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screengrab of a 360 selfie video
360 Selfie Videos for weddings, anyone?

The 360 Selfie Video Booth Adds Wow to Your Events

hopping on to the 360 Selfie Video boothEver since I’ve been attending events as a blogger, I’ve witnessed various innovations, the most recent is the 360 Selfie Video Booth. I have to admit that I’m not fond of going to a photobooth to have my pictures taken. The only time you’d see me in one is when I’m posing and having fun with friends.

The moment I saw the 360 Selfie Video Booth during the Grips event, I immediately want to try it. Technology has upped the services that can be offered in photography and videography. In the Philippines, we love to do selfie and I’ve also seen a 360 selfie but haven’t really enjoyed it. There’s also a 360 camera, but not everyone has jumped into it.

Photobooth with bloggers at a WiTribe event

The Old Photobooth Setup

A big upgrade from the usual photobooth setup, the 360 Selfie Video Booth involves a camera that revolves around the subject (1 to 4 people) and creates a smooth TVC-like output featuring your very brand or event theme. Each aspect of the 360 Selfie can be customized with your preferred design, special effects, branding, and music.

360 Selfie Philippines from Waveplay Interactive on Vimeo.

To get your 360 Selfie video, you simply enter your email address to the touchscreen gallery where you’ll be able to checkout your video. With the final output around at 8 seconds, you’ll receive your video and download it on your phone and start sharing almost immediately. Your guests will become instant brand ambassadors of your brand/event, reaching all their social media connections. With a unique post like the 360 Selfie video, expect likes and interaction to pour in.

I was still hesitant to get on the Video Booth because in actuality, I’m a shy person. So while the guests at the event were having fun with the 360 Selfie, I was seriously considering the moves should I decide to hop on. Finally, when people were thinning out and most of us remaining are bloggers, I gave it a go.

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The moment the booth operator gave me a signal to get started, I focused on my moves. It felt like a rush as the cameras whirred by me, and before I knew it, I’m done. They gave me a number, and had to wait for the video to be completed. As soon as my number was called out, I approached the 360 Selfie Video Booth checked out the video and entered my email address. A thought comes to mind… Don’t I look like a Grips endorser? haha! The real fun started when I started sharing my video on social.

screengrab of a 360 selfie videoThe 360 Selfie Video Booth will definitely add wow to your events such as product launches, brand activations, and even for special occasions like weddings and birthdays. Guests and consumers seeing something new will want to experience it all by themselves. I love that’s interactive, fun and truly different.

screengrab of a 360 selfie videoMy friends on social actually started asking about the video and what it’s all about. That already gives your event mileage for brand recall. For special occasions, your guests are likely to remember your special day even more. We can’t deny the fact that we are the “Selfie Capital of the World” and as people experience the 360 Selfie Video, people will start sharing.

screengrab of a 360 selfie video

360 Selfie Videos for weddings, anyone?

It’s time to maximize the impact of your events. The 360 Selfie Video Booth setup will immediately make your gathering different from the ones you’ve had before. For brands, you’ll get a lot of mentions and trend on social. Weddings and birthdays may last for a day, but if your guests will surely talk about your event for a long, long while because of their own 360 Selfie video. For more information about the service, visit


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