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Want to be the Big Boss? Attend the Be the Big Boss Summit

Be the Big Boss

Do you want to be the big boss? I do, for number of reasons. That includes stress, traffic, and the ability to work at my own phase and time. But being your own boss is not a bed of roses. I should know, having been a full-time entrepreneur myself since 2010. It’s a daily learning experience, I tell you. But if you want to learn from the expert, then you should attend the Be the Big Boss Summit. Happening on 26 July 2013, the Be the Big Boss Summit is a whole day conference where attendees will learn the 10 Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur. The learning event will be held at the PSE Auditorium of the Philippine Stock Exchange Center in Ortigas, Pasig City from 10am to 6pm. The summit aims to strengthen Filipinos’ knowledge on entrepreneurship and hopes to equip would-be entrepreneurs with the right mindset, technical skills ...

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Crumpler’s The Squid bag – a Review and Giveaway

Crumpler - The Squid Bag unzipped

I love bags and seemed to have never found a way to discard them in my life. I’m always found carrying one even if I would just go to the mall. In my younger years, one of the bag design I’d usually have is the drawstring backpack. Simply put, it’s easy to carry and can hold a lot of stuff. Just like Crumpler’s The Squid bag that I recently received. Yup, that’s the one alright, in its folded form. To be honest, I initially wondered what’s got in to Crumpler people’s mind naming their bag squid. Don’t get me wrong, I love squid, on a dish. But on a bag? That’s how my thoughts were going when I first heard about the bag. But when I checked it out, I understood why. So while holding on this pouch-like thing, I was eager to check it out. As i unzipped the ...

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