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Go CarCrazee if You’re Nuts About Cars

Sexy Beetle at SM City Sta Mesa Cyberzone CarCrazee Event

Last December 15, I went to SM City Sta. Mesa to cover the CarCrazee: Nuts About Cars event. It’s a grand car and gadget show aiming to showcase the wide array of custom-made cars, the latest gadgets and the latest app from AppLabs – CarCrazee. Quite simply, go CarCrazee if you’re nuts about cars. Well, who wouldn’t want to go wild and crazy when you see all the cars customized to fit the owner’s lifestyle. Too bad the gathering has yet to heat up as I was early for the main event. But boy did I drool at the sight of the cars already there. Here are two that delighted my eyes. If you have a car and is into a relationship with it, like take photos of it every now and then with or without you and you have your iPhone, better hook up with CarCrazee. it’s a social ...

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Blackbeard’s Seafood Island Opens at Harbor Point Mall in Subic

Seafood Bonding Extreme with Boodle Feast

One Saturday morning, on December 22nd to be exact, I went to Subic with some bloggers. It was my second time this year, the first was in rainy August. We were invited as Blackbeard’s Seafood Island opens at Harbor Point Mall. This is also my 2nd time to be at the Harbor Point Mall and I love the airy feel of this mall owned and operated by Ayala Mall. Ideal for a laidback lifestyle in the province. The restaurant is big, and is set up for huge crowds. It’s perfect for bonding with family and friends who will definitely enjoy the Boodle Feast offered by Blackbeard’s Seafood island. After the formal blessing, everyone got settled in their own spot. The place is brimming with people and so I decided to just sit after taking some pictures. We did have our own feast as various Boodle dishes were laid down in ...

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First Steps with a Canon Camera

Christmas Tree Taken with a Canon PowerShot A10-02

As I was reviewing the photos I downloaded from my Multiply personal account, I came across some of my early shots with my first digital camera, my first steps with a Canon Camera. Back in December 2005, I bought a 2nd hand Canon PowerShot A10 digital camera. Back then, gadgets were quite expensive. I can only drool of having my very own camera. A colleague decided to sell his camera and I immediately grabbed the opportunity, beating my other officemates who are also interested in buying the camera. It was my first point and shoot digital camera which I intend to use for my birthday (December 8), Christmas and New Year Celebration. I wanted to capture the moments with my mother, who, at that time was suffering from cancer. I figured it would be a great opportunity to bond during the celebrations I mentioned. Little did I know that I ...

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Capture the Moment with Kata, Manfrotto, National Geographic and Gitzo Products

Kata - Manfrotto - National Geographic - Gitzo

With the advent of technology, particularly in digital photography, it’s easy to take a picture of what’s happening around you. Even the simplest mobile phone now comes equipped with camera. But the serious photographer or photojournalist will find it easy to capture the moment with Kata, Manfrotto, National Geographic and Gitzo products. Early this month I attended the media launch of Vitec Group’s wide range of products under different labels, aimed to serve the needs of consumers and professional photographers. We were presented with bags, apparel and tripods from Manfrotto; bags from Kata and National Geographic; as well as tripods from Gitzo. They all come in different shapes and sizes that will definitely fit one’s lifestyle. I saw some of the collections and already fell in love with some of it from the Manfrotto and National Geographic bags because of the casual look. If ever I have a camera, especially ...

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Casmara Stem Cell Facial Treatment by Diana Stalder

Yayo Aguila - Diana Stalder Stem Cell Facial Endorser

I have been hearing about celebrities going for stem cell treatment overseas. There are several kinds of treatment, but the most prominent is for skin care treatment. It seems that there’s a growing demand for such a service, prompting skin care centers in the Philippines to offer the same. Now you can have your Casmara Stem Cell Facial Treatment by Diana Stalder. Diana Stalder, one of the established facial and skin care centers in the country, now offers stem cell treatment using the Casmara Stem Cell Facial. it is the one and only kind of treatment developed and manufactured by Casmara Cosmetics – a globally recognized company based in Spain. Casmara is a highly-regarded dermo-cosmetic labroatory whose products can be found in the best beauty salons, medical clinics and spas.Discover this amazing anti-aging secret with Casmara Stem Cell Facial by Diana Stalder. The human skin’s stem cells is capable of ...

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Will I Find Myself Living in Kansas City Homes?

Kansas City Business District

I have friends living in the USA and one of them in Kansas City, Missouri. This is not where she originally resides, but found herself transferring for a very private reason. Does that mean I will find myself living in Kansas City homes one day? She is actually one of my best friends and she has been telling me to stay at her place should I decide to visit America. During the course of her planned move to this city, one of her goal is to find a place to live in. I wonder how she found her new place. But if that was me, I’d have a checklist to make sure I find the home of my dream. Let me share with you my checklist: Location – I want a home where transportation is accessible so I can quickly move around and reach my destination. The place I live ...

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Drooling Over Haworth Office Chairs

Haworth Zody Office Chairs Conference Room

As a freelance content writer and blogger, I spend the huge chunk of my day sitting. Recently, I found myself checking out ergonomic chairs. I wanted to buy one for many reasons and came across Haworth Office Chairs. It was my first time to drool over an office chair. Not that I haven’t been to an office with quality office chairs. I have, and even sat on the ones especially assigned to supervisors. And even when I was still holding an entry-level position, I make it a point that I’m seated on a good chair. It’s very important to me because it spells the difference on my productivity. Let me tell you why. Comfortable – a good chair is comfortable to sit on and I can stay in my cubicle working for prolonged periods of time. I’m not the type who would go around the office or spend time on ...

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My Wish Came True for 2012 Disney on Ice presents Princesses and Heroes


Disney has been part of everybody’s childhood and holds a special place in everyone’s hearts, young and old. And almost every year since 1990, the Disney on Ice show has captivated audiences from all ages and from all walks of life. As a kid I can only look at the local catalog printing, posters and photos posted around the Araneta Center. Yes, I never got to watch the show and can only wish that someday, I’d be there seated and enjoying Mickey, Donald and the rest of the gang. My wish came true for 2012 Disney on Ice presents Princesses and Heroes when I finally saw Mickey Mouse in person during the press conference at the Gateway Suites. But that’s not all! I will also get to watch the Disney on Ice show courtesy of the Araneta Center. I am so excited! This year will surely be another delightful entertainment ...

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Watch and Have Fun with Si Agimat, Si Enteng Kabisote at si Ako

Si Agimat Si Enteng Kabisote at Si Ako

It’s that time of the year again when all movie theaters will show Filipino films as part of the Metro Manila Film Festival. Don’t forget to watch and have fun with Si Agimat, Si Enteng Kabisote at Si Ako. Starring Sen. Bong Revilla, Vic Sotto and Judy Ann Santos, the movie is one of the entries to this year’s film festival. Si Agimat, Si Enteng Kabisote at Si Ako had a Bloggers Night early this week at Annabel’s Restaurant in Quezon City. I was fortunate to be invited and had a chance to know more about the movie as one of the lead stars, Vic Sotto was present at the event. This is not the first time I met him as I was also at the conference for his movie last year. It’s always a pleasure meeting Bossing, as he is fondly called. He charmed his way into everybody’s heart ...

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Miss Philippines Janine Tugonon is 2012 Miss Universe 1st Runner Up

Miss Philippines Janine Tugonon

Miss Philippines Janine Tugonon is 2012 Miss Universe 1st runner up as Miss USA brings home the crown for the most prestigious beauty pageant in the world. The 23-year old native of Balanga, Bataan was seen as a contender to the Miss Universe 2012 crown. As I watched the newsfeed on my Facebook account, a lot of people were hopeful that she’d be declared Miss Universe. The glimmer of light became stronger when she eloquently responded to the final Question & Answer portion by saying “Language isn’t the only important thing. As long as you can influence and inspire other people, as long as you have a strong mind, spirit, you can be Miss Universe.” when she was asked “As a global ambassador, do you think speaking English should be a prerequisite to being Miss Universe?.” Miss USA Olivia Culpo was crowned the 2012 Miss Universe. The pageant was held ...

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