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Wok The Walk – the Old Manila Walks

Old Manila Walks

Summer is not yet over despite the recent typhoon that hit us. Not if we can help it. We’ve experienced some rain showers in the past days, but I’m pretty sure we still have plans set for the days to come. If you’re in for something different, you should try the Old Manila Walks‘ Binondo Food Wok. The Binondo Food Wok is actually a walking tour of Binondo — the country’s China Town. You say it should be “walk” and not “wok”? Wait a minute. There’s something in there that you should know. This is not just your ordinary walking tour. Aside from visiting key places, you also get to enjoy delicacies that makes it a unique experience. That’s right, you eat while you walk. I joined this tour way back in 2007 with some of my colleagues. This was sort of a team building activity as we end an ...

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