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Juan Time — Get Synched in Time for 2012

Later tonight, we will all be waiting for the clock to strike 12 in anticipation of the year 2012. Make sure your watches are in sync. Unlike in other parts of the world, we only have one time in the Philippines — the Philippine Standard Time. This is the accurate way to tell time, and it would be great if the entire archipelago shouts in unison to greet the New Year. The entire 7,100 islands united in time would be awesome. This was the primary reason why a pre-New Year countdown was held at the Araneta Center launched by Pizza Hut with beauty queens Venus Raj and Shamcey Supsup. Just a day before the actual celebration to usher in 2012, the pizza maker together with the Discovery Channel and the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) emphasized the need for Juan Time, the new and more productive concept of Filipino ...

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All-Filipino Game App Sipa on iOS and Android

Today, kids are often caught up with video games, computers and television. In our community in Quezon City, I seldom see children playing the games I used to play when I was a kid — tumbang preso, luksong tinik, patintero. These games are part of the Filipino heritage that’s slowly fading away from our awareness. Recently, I met a group of Pinoys passionate to promote Filipino culture who came up with idea of creating a Pinoy game now available for download in iTunes and Android Market. The game is called Sipa: Street Hacky Sack. This development comes at a time when smartphone and tablet users are growing. Although one will find apps that has a touch of Filipino, I have yet to discover a true-blue Filipino app game in the iOS and Android marketplace. Sipa is the country’s national game, also known as Sepak Takraw. But the more popular version ...

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Speak Up or Forever Hold Your Peace

The year 2011 is about to end. It’s a year filled with issues in the government, politics, show business, and even the online community, not only in the Philippines but worldwide. Some of these deserved attention, while others are better left ignored. Which of these issues did you follow? What were your opinions? At weddings, the officiating minister would ask everyone in attendance to raise their voice as to why the couple undergoing the marriage ceremony should not be wed. The statement “Speak or forever hold your peace” is always declared. The.statement is very much applicable in our society and in our daily lives. The people’s voice, or the lack of it, helps in molding the outcome of these issues and the affecting happenings in our society. Speaking up according to one’s point of view can help steer things to the right direction. We should all speak up on things ...

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Healthway Promotes Good Health to OFWs and Families through HealthWallet

Healthway Medical Philippines, one of the country’s leading network of one-stop-shop clinics has initiated a promo to encourage health to OFWs and their families via HealthWallet. In cooperation with Touchpoint Media and e.Xtend Inc., the company has been offering the “HealthWallet for Immigration A/D Promo.” This move is in support to the government’s campaign towards the end of the year in anticipation of OFWs and Balikbayans coming home for the holidays. An Immigration Arrival/Departure (AD) brochure is distributed in all Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific international flights, handed to all foreign visitors, OFWs and balikbayans prior to landing which should be submitted to the Philippine Bureau of Immigration upon arrival. Inside this brochure is a tear-off sheet of Immigration

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An Eye Popping Attraction — the SM MOA EYE

There’s a new attraction in town at the SM Mall of Asia. It’s the tallest and biggest Ferris Wheel in the Philippines — the SM MOA EYE! I have been hearing about it, but my eyes popped when I saw it. Inspired by Singapore Flyer and England’s the London Eye, this Ferris Wheel measures 55 meters in diameter. It has 36 fully-airconditioned gondolas and can accommodate 6 persons per gondola. Talk about convenience! I also learned that it also has 6 VIP gondolas that can be rented out for special occasion. That’s pretty interesting. I was at the SM By the Bay Amusement Park last December 16th to witness the lighting ceremony of this giant ride which was hosted by the beautiful Phoemela Barranda and attended by SM Prime Holdings executives, the media and guests. It was really exciting to see this newest tourist destination in the country come to ...

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Immortal — Michael Jackson’s Songs Immortalized

The King of Pop has influenced a lot of people in the world through his music and performances. It is not surprising that artists in different genres and discipline adapted, even copied his style in their own works. Our very own Gary Valenciano has acknowledged that the legendary performer has made a big impact in life, particularly in his career. His dance moves alone are a testament of MJ’s influence. Michael has a huge following and despite his death, his fans continue to look up to him for inspiration. Unlike other artists, performers has caught on Michael’s legacy through their moves, music and performances. Even our very own inmates from Cebu showed that they can work in unison, dancing to Michael’s music. The popular Cirque de Soleil did their own homage to the musc royalty via the Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL WORLD Tour when the group performed to MJ’s music. ...

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My Christmas Wishlist on Reebonz Ribbons

It’s been sometime since I last bought something for myself. The last purchase I made was a Fossil watch sold by a colleague in December 2008 which served as a birthday and Christmas gift for myself. When I quit my job to focus on my business, my spending habits has changed. I stopped buying myself stuff for practical reasons, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting things. Last month I received a gift from a local brand — a reward for blogging on time. It was a nice watch that rekindled my romance with watches. I have a small collection with each one having a story behind them. Some I still wear, while others gave up on me because I forgot to replace the batteries. This Christmas I have no intentions of buying stuff of such kind for myself — not that I don’t want them. I just don’t feel ...

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Get Your Pure 4G Prepaid Internet by Wi-Tribe at 7-Eleven

Wi-Tribe Tri-Speed Pure 4G Prepaid Stick

There’s been a lot of talks about 4G Internet connection lately from different Internet service providers. It’s been pretty interesting to follow the developments of Internet technology in the country. As an online entrepreneur, a blogger and a heavy Internet user, connectivity is always critical. I’ve experienced bad connection before, missing deadlines, et al. I simply require a steady connection, which somehow, I am able to achieve with my current provider 90% of the time. But that doesn’t stop me from exploring other options. I talked about Wi-Tribe before but I never got the chance to really explore their service primarily because it’s postpaid. I was happy to learn that they now have a prepaid service — the Tri-Speed Pure 4G Prepaid Stick, and I can get it at 7-Eleven. Wi-Tribe is the pioneer in 4G service, and their claim of offering pure 4G connectivity is true to the core. ...

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iPhone 4S — Steve Jobs’ Last Gadget Soon to Land the Philippines

We lost an innovator when Steve Jobs passed away. The whole world was shocked and saddened by this unfortunate event. Even Apple’s stocks went tumbling down in Wall Street. I told myself, “I’m getting the last gadget that he dipped his hands on”. I believe that gadget is the iPhone 4S, and it will soon be available in the country come December 16. Globe has been carrying the iPhone since it was launched here in the Philippines. I remember the telecoms company holding a party at the grounds of the Ayala Triangle for its launch. With their experience in handling Apple products long with their long-standing relationship, it’s practical to purchase the new phone from them. Apple is very strict in its business implementation, and so far I haven’t heard any issue that may cause this partnership with Globe to be discontinued. I’m currently a Globe Prepaid subscriber and I ...

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Beyond Delicious — the Foods at Isabelo Garden Restaurant

Dining at Isabelo Garden Restaurant in Marikina was such a great experience. I talked about the ambience and service, now let me talk about the food. There were 11 of us at the table, and I’m sure everyone went home full. My experience is beyond the delicious food on the table. It was actually a dining experience that filled my whole being. I’ve been full several times. I tasted different kinds of food that’s nothing short of delicious. I love good food and I have my favorites. At the Eats A Date event, we were served quite a number of foods on the table — appetizers, main course and desserts. I enjoyed the Spinach Artichoke Dip that was served first. Then came the Pinoy Tuscan Salad which started to wake me up. I’m no expert in identifying the ingredients of food so I can’t tell you anything unless it’s very ...

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