Baluarte – a Territory Where Man and Wild Animals Mingle

Wild animals and mankind have a hard time existing together. Creating the division between each class is the fear of one another. And because human is the intelligent kind, we ruled the animals and put them in the cage. I recently discovered a place – a territory, one might say, where man and the wild mingle – Baluarte in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur.

Baluarte at Vigan City Ilocos SurIt’s Gov. Chavit Singson‘s territory. Baluarte is a sprawling property with structures of facilities and amenities surrounded by gently rolling terrains, hills and mountain side. Originally used as a rest house, it is now a zoo where visitors can see a variety of animals.

White deers, ostriches, ducks and mini-horses roam around the area. There’s also a horse-driven carriage where one can take a ride. Guests can also enter a butterfly farm where these beautiful insects jump from one blooming flowers to another.

One awesome experience that I had was the Baluarte Show. It’s an animal live show where visitors can have an up close and personal interaction with the animals such as snakes, eagle and bearcat. We also had a photo opportunity with a tiger.

The good thing about all these experiences is that you don’t have to pay anything. Aside from entering Baluarte at no cost, everything can be enjoyed free including the live animal show which other parks with the same kind of attraction charges for. Everyone can also bring their food and drinks and gather around any of the picnic areas to bond and recharge for the next activities.

One of the activities visitors will surely like is shopping for souvenir items and food. Buy yourself and your family and friends shirts, fans, ref magnets, etc. There are numerous retails stalls all over Baluarte and there’s plenty of items to buy.

Bloggers at the Baluarte Baluarte is indeed an awesome territory where man and wild animals mingle. It is also the gateway to the rest of Vigan City. I’m glad I was able to join fellow bloggers in this Vigan trip.


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17 thoughts on “Baluarte – a Territory Where Man and Wild Animals Mingle

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  2. Gigi Beleno

    I’ve been here before and those tigers are so big and scary ha!ha! have you tried riding the chariot? its an awesome experience too!

  3. Mai Flores

    I was there last June. The Baluarte was pretty intense for me, to be honest. First off, one of the roaming ostrich fellas almost chased me, which scared the wits out of me. Plus, I also had a similar chase-experience with a small horse at that time! It’s just funny, now that I think about it now. :)

    • Alwin Aguirre Post author

      Whoa! That is not such a nice experience. I made sure I’m at a safe distance when I stand near the ostriches coz I’m not very comfortable with them.

  4. Jonas Labagala

    I’ve seen Baluarte in the television and I’m amazed on how big the area is! One great thing is, there’s no need to pay for you to enjoy interacting with animals! I want to visit soon! :D

  5. Sky

    I hope, politicians should follow what Gov Singson did with Baluarte. Going to a places like this at no cost, is something we should be experiencing.


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Baluarte – a Territory Where Man and Wild Animals Mingle