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Be Like a Pro with Final Cut Pro Training

FilmI’m just glad that I was born in this generation where technology has gone digital and a lot of things can be done with a computer. I’m also proud to say that among my contemporaries, I have an extensive knowledge in computers, software applications, the Internet and related stuff. I remember when I was starting out in my career, I would buy computer books and magazine and would pore through the pages for tutorials and try to apply them at work. I got promoted as a layout artist, just because of that. At one point, I also did some database programming. But how I wish I did have formal training because I’m pretty confident I’ll do well. Now that I’m a freelancer, I wanted to gain more skills so that I could offer more than just my competence in writing, so I could get high-paying gig. Creating and editing videos is one of the projects I see posted on various freelancing sites with a promise of high compensation. With that in mind, I wish i could have a Final Cut Pro training.Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is a video editing software for Mac. I had a chance to play with it when I used to have a MacBook White and found it to be very technical. That could be the reason why a growing number of professionals are using it. From the way I understand it, Indie films are edited using this software which is slowly becoming used in Hollywood for film editing. I did try to learn the ropes of the software, but I know if i could have a formal Final Cut Pro training, it’ll be awesome.

A formal training, of course, will give me an in-depth knowledge of the video editing software. I’ll have a better understanding of all the functions of every command on the menu. it’s important to have that knowledge to be able to deliver quality video projects. Plus of course, I can get tips and learn techniques from professionals. It’s one thing to know how to use a software and another when to apply the tricks of the trade. And the good thing is, I can immediately apply the knowledge i gained on the design project that I will be working on. So as I learn Final Cut Pro, I’m also able to improve my projects almost  real time. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Final Cut Pro Interface - Image courtesy Apple

Image courtesy Apple.com

Going through a Final Cut Pro trainingwill also mean I don’t have to take on a trial and error approach on video editing projects. Yes, there’s an “Undo” command in every program, but it’s a waste of time having to do that. And sometimes, that command doesn’t work. Have you ever experienced having to load your project from the scratch? I have, and it’s not a very good feeling. And finally, formal training usually provides certification. That’s something that I can proudly claim as a solid credentials that I can present to future clients and eventually become one of the most sought-after video editor. It’ll surely make any training investment more than worth it. That would be awesome! By then, I can relate to this ad.

Adobe Final Cut Pro Banner - image courtesy of 9to5mac.com

Image courtesy of 9to5mac.com

I remembered attending the recently concluded WordPress Camp 212 held at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati City. It was my first time to enter the area. During the event, I attended two seminars held at the business school’s classroom. I felt like a student once again, and I really love the feeling especially because the rooms are equipped with facilities that I’m sure students find conducive for learning. Suddenly I want to go back to formal training. 🙂


Asian Institute of Management Classroom

image courtesy of @marocharim

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