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Go CarCrazee if You’re Nuts About Cars

CarCrazee: Nuts About CarsLast December 15, I went to SM City Sta. Mesa to cover the CarCrazee: Nuts About Cars event. It’s a grand car and gadget show aiming to showcase the wide array of custom-made cars, the latest gadgets and the latest app from AppLabs – CarCrazee. Quite simply, go CarCrazee if you’re nuts about cars.CarCrazee App

Well, who wouldn’t want to go wild and crazy when you see all the cars customized to fit the owner’s lifestyle. Too bad the gathering has yet to heat up as I was early for the main event. But boy did I drool at the sight of the cars already there. Here are two that delighted my eyes.Marvel-Inspired Chevy at SM City Sta Mesa Cyberzone CarCrazee Event Sexy Beetle at SM City Sta Mesa Cyberzone CarCrazee Event

If you have a car and is into a relationship with it, like take photos of it every now and then with or without you and you have your iPhone, better hook up with CarCrazee. it’s a social networking for car lovers. Simply download the app on iTunes, install, login and voila! You’re set to connect with madhatters, err. car lovers who simply can’t get enough of their cars.CarCrazee App SceensWho knows, you might even get to hook up with hot girls who are equally nuts about cars. Hot girls like the ones who provided a hot dance number at the event.Entertainment at SM City Sta Mesa Cyberzone CarCrazee Event

But of course, if you’re already hooked to one hot girl, hands off. Just enjoy the cars like I did while at the CarCrazee: Nuts about Cars event. Well, those cars really made me nuts! Like these sound system-equipped cars:

Yep, go CarCrazee if You’re Nuts About Cars.


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  1. I am not really one who would spend so much to customize my car though. Nowadays, I think the less eye-catching your car is, the better. The stylized car may be good to look at but it is also very tempting to thieves. I may like to look at these cars, I would not really want to do it to my own car.

  2. I missed the event because of personal matters, I could have seen that Captain America car in person :(

    I’d like to put the app to the test, even if I’m not as a die-hard car enthusiast, but I don’t have an iPhone :)

  3. The captain america car looks awesome! Aside from these 2 designs, were there cars fit for women’s taste?

    I wanna try the app kaso ala pa ako car. heheheh

  4. I agree that Captain America car looks so cute. I was trying to check the interiors, wondering if it’s Captain America theme inside.

  5. I’ll get a car first hehe.. that captain america mini car looks awesome! :)

  6. The cars really look so cool. I wonder if the Captain America car comes with its own shield.

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