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SumoSam SM City Manila Opens for the Champion Eater

Are you a foodie? Then you’re a champion eater just like Sumo Sam. And if you’re in Manila, brace yourself for great Japanese-American foods because SumoSam SM City Manila is now open for the champion eater.

SumoSam SM City Manila

I have visited this restaurant’s many branches and one thing I can say is that each location offers a different vibe. This one located at the 4th level of SM City Manila offers a casual, yet chic and loungy feel while having a touch of Japanese.

We were served with Salmon Sashimi, Ebi Tempura, California Roll, Dynamite Roll and Las Vegas Roll for starters. That was a good way to start the ball rolling. (please hover over the photos for pricing ;))

As things heat up, more foods were served on the table. We dug into a bowl of Japanese Fried Rice and Bacon Dory. Then we had Beef Tepan and Chicken Teriyaki.

As always, the Bacon Dory never fails me. It’s a fillet of Dory Fish wrapped with Bacon. How can you go wrong with that? It’s really delicious! The day was even more made special as one of the owners of SumoSam joined us for lunch – actor, entrepreneur and restauranteur Chef Marvin Agustin! Chef Marvin Agustin - Owner of SumoSam SM City Manila

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Our lunch was capped with SumoSam’s Ice Popsicle. Available in various flavors, this is a perfect summer treat. I got to try the Banana Choco and I’m really loving the blend of banana and chocolate.

Ice Pops - SumoSam SM City Manila

Ice Popsicle (P88.00)

It was really an enjoyable lunch at SumoSam SM City Manila with other bloggers and Marvin. 🙂


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