Food Cart Biz with Tik-Tok, Siomai Central, ThirTea, Fold N' Roll and Little Mexico
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Food Cart Biz with Tik-Tok, Siomai Central, ThirTea, Fold N’ Roll and Little Mexico

Stallmart Food Cart BizWith the many restaurants setting up in the metro, it doesn’t take a genius to know that food is a good business in the country. I recently discovered that I can get into the popular food cart business with Tik-Tok, Siomai Central, ThirTea, Fold N’ Roll and Little Mexico. Except for the last one, I see these food carts at the MRT Stations which I frequent but didn’t really get to try them, not even once. One, because the area is always crowded. Two, because of my not so good impressions of food carts that littered all over the metro outside the malls. Little did I realize that I was missing a lot from ignoring Tik-Tok, Siomai Central, ThirTea and Fold N’ Roll.

Stallmart LogoI got invited to an intimate bloggers gathering at Stallmart, Inc. in Quezon City. Stallmart is the group behind Mister Donut and it’s successful presence in the Philippines. I learned that the company is behind Tik-Tok, Siomai Central, ThirTea, Fold N’ Roll and soon, Little Mexico. I got to taste some of the products of these food cart businesses and that’s when I realized I was missing alot. That’s because the foods served on Tik-Tok, Siomai Central, ThirTea, Fold N’ Roll and Little Mexico are actually good. And very affordable too!

Stallmart Food Cart - Tik-TokTik-Tok actually serves all-chicken products which I got to try – Fried Isaw (Fried Chicken Intestines) (P25.00), Chicken Skin (P20.00), Chicken Siomai (P25.00) and Angry Balls (Chicken Balls – P25.00). I enjoyed the Fried Isaw and loved Angry Balls. Suddenly, I was intrigued of their Chicken Sandwiches. Looks like it’s worth a try.

Stallmart Food Cart - Siomai CentralSiomai Central serves, what else? Siomai (P25.00 and P27.00)! But they also have Siopao (P25.00) and Noodles (P20.00 and P38.00). The latter was not served so I cannot give a feedback, but I love their Siomai and Siopao! Along with Tik-Tok, Siomai Central has been on a roll for quite sometime now.

ThirTea Food CartOne of Stallmart’s latest food cart offering is in response to the growth of milk tea in the country. ThirTea is the answer for those who love milk tea at an affordable price. Let’s admit it, most of the milk tea shops in the city sells their milk tea for over P50 bucks and would even go beyond P100. ThirTea is a good alternative, with flavors such as Wintermelon (P35.00), Taro (P35.00), Caramel (P35.00), Acai Berry (P39.00) and Choco (P39.00). An option to add Pearls, Nata de Coco or Pudding for only P10.00. I got to taste Wintermelon and Taro during the bloggers meet. I highly recommend ThirTea’s Taro Milk Tea.

I also loved the folded pizza that was served. These were actually the offerings of Fold N’ Roll, bringing New York-style folded pizza to the local consumers. I love that it’s folded because it’s not messy and bite-sized. Available in Hawaiian Immigrant (P25.00), Manhattan Triple Cheese (P25.00), Lombardi Pepperoni (P29.00) and Empire State Supreme (P29.00). I have to say that I can’t choose one from the other because the flavors are equally good. I also like their take-home box!

Stallmart’s newest baby soon to hit the metro is Little Mexico. Aiming to bring a taste of Mexico with their bite-sized tacos, nachos, and burritos, I’m sure this one will be a big hit. Offering Burritos (P28.00), Tacos (P25.00), Nacos (P25.00) and Quesadillas (P20.00), Little Mexico is my favorite of them all. I got to taste portions of the food which they say is still under development. I was wondering what they’re waiting for. Everything is really good and is good to go for me. 🙂

With Tik-Tok, Siomai Central, ThirTea, Fold N’ Roll and Little Mexico I don’t have to spend that much to enjoy good food. I highly encourage you to line up and grab a bite. But if you’re planning to venture into food business, I suggest you get into the popular food cart franchising business with Tik-Tok, Siomai Central, ThirTea, Fold N’ Roll and Little Mexico. This form of franchising is really in-demand in the country. I learned that Stallmart alone has over 90 franchised stores all over the Philippines.

Ms Michelle Pino - Senior Franchising and Key Accounts Operations Manager of Mister Donut PhilippinesI’m not surprised. As Ms Michelle Pino, Business Development and Franchising Director of Mister Donut Philippines, presented to everyone, the start-up capital of food carts are relatively low. She pointed out that those who venture into it experienced a guaranteed profit and positive return on investment within six months to a year.

We were surprised to learn that the investment package of Siomai Central starts at P30,000. The food cart business is really a good option for those who want to get started with their own business. And Stallmart offers a wide range of franchising options that will likely fit one’s capability to invest.

I have been looking at this business option for quite sometime and is aware that other food cart business cost huge money. I’m just glad that I learned about Stallmart and how I can get into the popular food cart franchising business with Tik-Tok, Siomai Central, ThirTea, Fold N’ Roll and Little Mexico without breaking the bank. Aside from the practical franchising options and good food, I also loved the designs of their stalls. If you’re looking at these food cart businesses as a business option, visit Stallmart’s website or check out the. company details below.

Franchise Management System Department
RAMCAR Center, 80-82 Roces Ave.,
Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines
Telephone: (+632) 370-1236 / 370-1229


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  1. Rosemarie Llantada

    Hi gud eve..ask q lng po kung magkano pag nagfranchise ng tiktok.pls respond po tnx

  2. Hi There!

    I am interested to get a franchise for NYC fold n’ roll. I’ve tried to do a research about this but there is non as well as your website; it does not seem to work. May I ask on how can I get a franchise for Tacloban City?

    PS your email does not work either.

    • Hi Paul. As much as I would like to help by referring you to Stallmart, that’s no longer possible at this point. The contact information they’ve provided back in 2013 is no longer accurate.

  3. Sir im interested about franchising,how will I start or whats the process..specially about the cost of tik tok..God bless

  4. Hi gud day gusto ko po sana mag inquire sa food cart franchising kung ano po ang mga requirmetns ang kailangan wala po ako email add pero facebook lng po ang gamit ko sana po matulungan nyo ako salamat po

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